Senator Chris Dodd offers Amendment to FISA HR6304 with Six Cosponsors–but not Barack Obama

If you check the summary page for H.R. 6304 , the FISA Amendments Bill of 2008, on the Library of Congress’ Thomas site, and go to the amendments page, you will see a number of amendments that have been introduced to the bill.  Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT)  introduced one of them,  S.AMDT.5064. Sen. Dodd has been working on an amendment that would take retroactive immunity out of the FISA bill, but the text apparently is not yet available.

The amendment has 9 cosponsors:

Sen Feingold, Russell D. [WI] – 6/26/2008
Sen Leahy, Patrick J. [VT] – 6/26/2008
Sen Reid, Harry [NV] – 6/26/2008
Sen Harkin, Tom [IA] – 6/26/2008
Sen Boxer, Barbara [CA] – 6/26/2008
Sen Sanders, Bernard [VT] – 6/26/2008
Sen Wyden, Ron [OR] – 6/26/2008
Sen Kennedy, Edward M. [MA] – 6/26/2008
Sen Durbin, Richard [IL] – 6/26/2008

Last week, in response to an email I sent the senator’s office asking for a copy of his FISA position, Sen. Barack Obama sent me an email saying:

However, I am disappointed that this bill, if signed into law, will grant an unprecedented level of immunity for telecommunications companies that cooperated with the President’s warrantless wiretapping program, and I will work with my colleagues to remove this provision.

…but Sen Obama’s name is not on this amendment as a cosponsor.

What’s with that?


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  1. Robert M. Stockmann Says:

    H.R. 6304 : enacts WorldWide STASI Surveillance and is a Jewish Powergrab

    This act will give unlimited Global STASI Powers to the U.S. Attorney General.
    Even Barack Obama seems to have re-aligned himself to support this
    bill and vote it through the Senate… So what is this Bill about ?

    Not only is H.R. 6304 the enactment of Worldwide STASI Surveillance ,
    but more important, H.R. 6304 is a Jewish power-grab over the FISA
    Act of 1978. It turns out that the U.S. President’s authority and
    signature is now completely bypassed if H.R. 6304 gets passed.

    In fact H.R. 6304 is a Power Grab over FISA by United States Attorney
    General Michael Bernard Mukasey himself.

    Mukasey is the second Jewish U.S. Attorney General, after Edward H.
    Levi, who was the 71st United States Attorney General from 1975 to
    1977. It was during Edward H. Levi’s reign as US Attorney General that
    the footwork for the “FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE ACT” of 1978
    was finalized.

    What is going on here? The Amendments made in H.R. 6304 all skip and
    strike out the paragraphs who give final authority to the U.S.
    President. The new final authority will be the U.S. Attorney General
    throughout the entire proposed FISA act. Here’s an example on page 73
    in the pdf :

    (a) APPLICATIONS.Section 303 of the Foreign In-
    telligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (50 U.S.C. 1823) is
    amended —
    (1) in subsection (a)
    (A) by striking paragraph (2);”

    From the original FISA act of 1978 (50 U.S.C. 1823) we read :

    § 1823. Application for order—-000-.html

    “(2) the authority conferred on the Attorney General by the
    President and the approval of the Attorney General to make the

    So the President’s signature is safely and convenient skipped to get an
    Order issued. Hence the Attorney General (Mukasey) will basicly be
    working entirely independent from all possible oversight…. if H.R.
    6304 gets passed.

    Besides the warning of Sen. Chris Dodd, who said that granting
    retroactive immunity would undermine the rule of law, The U.S.
    Presidents authority will be undermined as well. Basicly the new
    President Elect in 2009 will be a lame duck when it concerns FISA.

    With H.R.6304, STASI House Searches now also come Overseas at the
    homes of people who are not United States Person :

    (a) AUTHORIZATION. — Not withstanding any other
    provision of law, upon the issuance of an order in accord-
    ance with subsection (i)(3) or a determination under sub-
    section (c)(2), the Attorney General and the Director of
    National Intelligence may authorize jointly, for a period
    of up to 1 year from the effective date of the authoriza-
    tion, the targeting of persons reasonably believed to be lo-
    cated outside the United States to acquire foreign intel-
    ligence information. ”

    And they come unwarrented and if you survive, you might get harmed. But
    you CANNOT sue them as SEC. 107 has been revised. In short it means “If
    they violate your body through search, and they find nothing, YOU
    CANNOT SUE THEM in court”, unless the Attorney General complies to
    paragraph (5) :


    “(5) In the event that such application for approval
    is denied, or in any other case where the physical search
    is terminated and no order is issued approving the phys-
    ical search, no information obtained or evidence derived
    from such physical search shall be received in evidence or
    otherwise disclosed in any trial, hearing, or other pro-
    ceeding in or before any court, grand jury, department,
    office, agency, regulatory body, legislative committee, or
    other authority of the United States, a State, or political
    subdivision thereof, and no information concerning any
    United States person acquired from such physical search
    shall subsequently be used or disclosed in any other man-
    ner by Federal officers or employees without the consent
    of such person, except with the approval of the Attorney
    General if the information indicates a threat of death or
    serious bodily harm to any person.
    “(6) The Attorney General shall assess compliance
    with the requirements of paragraph (5).”.

  2. Nijma Says:

    Egad! The Stasi AND the Jews?

    Take a look at this time line on Daily KOS and you will see that Obama changed his vote on FISA right after getting an endorsement from Rahm Emmanuel. If your conspiracy theory is correct, and I’m not ruling out ANY conspiracy theories at this point, then U.S. Representative and Superdelgate from Illinois Rahm Emmanuel has an understanding with Obama to be the next Attorney General.

    Come back to this comment after January 20, 2009, and see if it was a prophecy.

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