Why Jesse Jackson is after Obama’s nads

So Jesse Jackson Sr. really said he was after Obama’s nads. While wearing a microphone and getting ready to tape the O’Reilly show on Fox Channel. And surprise, surprise, surprise, the mic was turned on and an old media hand like Jackson didn’t even notice it and didn’t even watch what he was saying in front of one of the country’s most notorious conservative pundits.

Who cares.

Oh and just maybe, maybe, maybe, he said something bad about faith-based initiatives, and about Obama’s father’s day speech telling black men to take care of their children, and maybe hint, hint, hint, he even said the n-word.

That Fox teaser tape is cut up so weirdly who knows what’s really on it or what the context was. And we have one that’s even worse than the one we released, says Fox, tease, tease. But Jesse did apologize, and Obama accepted the apology. And Reverend Jackson’s son, Jesse Jackson Jr., issued a surprisingly strong statement that he was outraged etc. Not surprising. Relations within the Jackson family have been strained since the Rev. Jackson admitted to having an out of wedlock child a few years ago. And how can he be a real father involved in the child’s life when he is already in a marriage relationship? Perhaps Obama’s comments about black fathers taking care of their children struck a nerve.

But we have already seen so many stories of power, politics, money and betrayal.

Who cares.


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  1. Nijma Says:

    For what it’s worth, Fox has now confirmed that Jackson did use the n-word, but only a partial transcript is available. The rest of the tape is supposed to be inconsequential because Jackson is “only” talking about whether Obama is talking down to African Americans. Of course that’s the part I’m interested in.

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