Drooling over a computer with Windows XP, but do I need a video card upgrade?

This is the computer I want to replace my Windows 98 system. Core 2 Duo, a flat screen–get that fat monitor off my desk–, upgrade the memory to 2GB, and yes, I hate Vista and want it with Windows XP. They just stopped selling XP a few weeks ago, and XP will go away completely in a few more months, so now it costs another $99 to order the system with XP, but there are also a lot of legacy programs available for free that will run on XP and not Vista.

I’m still trying to decide about the floppy drive and whether to upgrade my old speakers, but the real question is whether to get a better video card.

I have never used video much and don’t even know how to get movies online. Everyone who has the video card that comes with the system says it’s too slow for movies. A better card is an $80 upgrade. Is this something I’m likely to wish I had later?

Ah, yummy computers, maybe I’ll order it when I come home from work.

Update: Looking online I found plenty of USB floppies and external speakers with some pretty good frequency response at reasonable prices. So if I ever actually need one I can pretty much go out and get one on the spot. The video card is another matter. Although cheaper cards are available online they would not have a manufacturer’s warranty.  The ones under warranty are actually quite a bit more expensive than the one offered, so I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers and clicked the video upgrade box.

I suppose now I will have to find out how to get movies.

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