Cthulhu eats Green Party

Last night the website for the Green Party’s 2008 election cycle, greenparty2008.org was working just fine.

This morning I refreshed my screen and they were down–on the morning after their big nomination announcement when the eyes of the entire nation are searching for answers to life’s persistent political problems, like sexism and FISA.

So what happened? Everyone accessing their website at once bring it down? Hackers on steroids, maybe ? They’re not taking contributions from corporations, right? Maybe they’re out of money already, and didn’t pay their webhosting bill.

But wait, what’s this? I just tried it again and here’s the message: “Squid did not receive any data for this request.”

A squid is waiting for a message? There’s only one invisible squid I know of and it’s name is Cthulhu.

Keep your eye on their party website, http://www.gp.org. Who knows, that might be next.

As the Cthulhu for President campaign says, “Why vote for the lesser of two evils?”

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