Who is Netroots Nation?

So what is this Netroots Nation convention thing already. Last year it was called Yearly Kos. Was it ever part of the DailyKos.com website and is it completely different now? What about stuff like the ACLU?  If they’re going to be there, aren’t they sponsoring it?

In an attempt to find the answers to these questions I have as usual googled some stuff and found some of it more useful than others.  Here is a partial reading list:

Last year’s convention was founded by and named after the founder of Daily Kos.  It is a gathering of Democratic party insiders. The coordinator was Gina Cooper who said, “This event is much larger than any one blog, though we’re all a fan of Kos and certainly not distancing ourselves from his blog.” This year Cooper is again the organizer. She says McCain, who has a DailyKos button on his website, is welcome to attend, although Cooper suggested it was his wife who was helping him with his email.

Organizations that sponsor the convention–53 organizations so far–pay $5000 and up for the privilege. More than 2000 bloggers attend. Anyone, including politicians may attend and many do.  The procedure is just to register like everyone else.  Registration fee is $450, currently discounted to $375. (What’s that about?)

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