Is the Bohemian Club stag Republican bash now underway?

A while back I predicted a Repbulican vice presidential candidate to be chosen in July at the all-male Bohemian Club Republican bash in Californaia.

Perhaps they are there now.  Several key Republicans are now in the state, including the president and vice president.  Laura Bush is not.  McCain’s whereabouts are unknown.

There has been some speculation over whether Obama might have been attending the infamous Owl Ceremony last weekend during a gap in his published schedule. I think it’s pretty safe to guess Hillary Clinton did not attend–not even McCain wants to woo her supporters badly enough to challenge the boys-only rule.

A new prediction: Condoleeza Rice will not be McCain’s running mate.

One Response to “Is the Bohemian Club stag Republican bash now underway?”

  1. Nijma Says:

    Was my crystal ball ever cloudy on that one–the only Stag Party left now is Pat Paulson’s.

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