Palestine screws up again, rejects statehood

Palestinians have no problems with endless wars and with sending their children to die as suicide bombers. What they have a problem with is success.

Why is there no Palestinian statehood yet? Why don’t they just declare themselves a country and get it over with?

Finally we have the answer. Is it the big, mean United States of America telling them not to do it? Nope. Is it the even bigger, meaner Israel, responsible for every calamity in the universe? Not this time. Then who? Why?

The Palestinians themselves reject statehood.

Israel and Palestine have never been closer. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas agree on almost everything. Borders. Refugees. Security. The only thing they don’t agree on yet is Jerusalem. So Olmert is willing to sign an agreement that places Jerusalem as an issue to be agreed on in the future. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it.

Palestine gets statehood. Olmert gets to do something politically risky but historically significant before he is forced out of office over the latest round of scandals. Abbas gets a weapon for defanging Hamas, and he gets to be Palestine’s first president–maybe they even name an airport or something after him like Ben Gurion . Bush gets to make his contribution to history before leaving office. Only Hamas gets no benefits, since they say they are resisting only to get statehood for Palestine.

Palestine gets statehood. Let me repeat that. Palestine gets statehood.

But the offer is rejected by Abbas.

Why? Jerusalem. Abbas wants Arabic-speaking east Jerusalem for its capitol. He is willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater in order to get it–or not get it. Jerusalem is a “red line” says a spokesman for Abbas. “We will not accept any agreement that excludes Jerusalem.”

What fools.

Why do they need a particular city as a capitol before they can declare statehood? Countries change their capitols all the time. The United States has had no less than 9 capitols: Philadelphia, Baltimore, Lancaster, York, Princeton, Annapolis, Trenton, New York, Philadelphia again, and Washington. I can just hear it now. Instead of “Give me liberty or give me death”, Patrick Henry saying, “Give me Washington DC as the capitol or give me death.” I bet that wouldn’t have made him a revolutionary war hero.

If America had insisted on having the location of its capitol written in stone before declaring independence, we would still be a podunk occupied territory British colony.

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