Enough of horoscopes, give me the Puma’s life

Yesterday I waxed eloquent about the fun of horoscopes, tomorrow evening’s full moon eclipse, and even had a little fun dealing some cards with the housewife’s tarot.

But today I don’t feel so good about it. The one quotation I didn’t paste, and didn’t blog about, maybe was because it was a little personal, was a statement about the effects of a full moon in Aquarius. If you remember, the full moon eclipse in Aquarius is supposed to bring about a crisis in relationships–and can sever a relationship completely.  And just how serious is it?  This serious:

On August 17, 1989, a Lunar Eclipse fell in Aquarius at a similar degree as the one in August 2008. It might be helpful to think back to issues in your life that were in effect in the second half of 1989 (if you can remember back that far) in order to get an idea of how this 2008 Lunar Eclipse affects you.

Well I most certainly do remember what I was doing back that far.  After twelve years in the same relationship, I was moving out. That is just a little bit creepy.  And it brings to mind my old landlord, who was big on horoscopes, and always like to throw parties during a full moon.  “Full moon in Mars,” he would laugh, “three couples broke up during the party”.  It’s true the police departments have more calls during a full moon, and I can think of some reasonable and rather mundane answers for that, but just the same, I’ve had enough of horoscopes for the moment. Instead, give me the Puma’s life.

What do Pumas’ do?  They prowl.  Evey day they have 1 or 2 prowls to do. And they do little stuff like this. (Don’t forget to move your cursor around.)  How do I know? The Pumas were on YouTube. And P.U.M.A., of course, stands for People United Means Action. (Just google Puma Pac.) They are the Hillary Clinton supporters who have been credited with getting the DNC to place Hillary’s name in nomination at that party’s convention, as is customary.

So every day the Pumas prowl, that is they go off on an errand or two, something like downloading and putting up a few posters I would imagine, and they also have growls–contacting elected officials and writing letters. That’s the life for me! Oh, and they all type good morning to each other when they turn on their computers in  the morning, racing for who will be the first to post on a new thread, and they say goodnight to each other when they log out for the night. I kid you not.  And the Fearless Leader Puma, Murphy, always says “Be Good To Each Other” when she leaves the thread to go do her stuff for the day. While Murphy is gone the other Pumas read the newspapers or post links to anything about Hillary they think other Pumas would enjoy reading. They do their prowls, then they come back and brag. Right now a lot of them are reading the new Cursi book on Obama–no, I’m not going to read it–so there is a bit of theological difference between us right there, but all in all, it’s not a bad routine.

So tomorrow I will try the Puma life.  Instead of looking around at all the projects I haven’t finished, I will set myself just one or two prowls to complete.  Then I will growl at someone or something in my environment I want changed. Maybe I’ll growl about my new T-Mobile phone that doesn’t have good reception.  Then I will read the paper. And brag to myself about what I accomplished.  When I have finished the prowl, growl and brag, maybe I will do something relaxing.  You know, the paws that refreshes.

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