Puma Fest: Hillary supporters to march on Denver Tuesday—er, Monday

Pumas are packing their suitcases and their laptops and hitting the road for Denver. The big event is Tuesday Monday night–a march to Cheesman Park with a candlelight vigil.

August 18, 1920–The Nineteenth Amendment is ratified.

August 26, 1920–Ratification of Nineteenth Amendment is certified.

August 25, 2008–Denver: “We are the ones no one was expecting.”

Did you remember to pack your white candles, Pumas?


2 Responses to “Puma Fest: Hillary supporters to march on Denver Tuesday—er, Monday”

  1. Linda Kreuzer Says:

    I am with you in spirit and though I cannot be there will wish you all well and hope the message of our disappointment with the loss of the democratic process within our party is recognized and the respect for women ,the elderly,veterans,blue collar workers, people of faith is regained!!!!! Most importantly now, hopefully that spirit which is embodied in Hillary Roddam Clinton is respected, honored, and recognized by the members of the DNC who have impearled the values of our party by their unscrupulous thuggery. My hope and prayers are with you in your mission!!!!!!!!

  2. Nijma Says:

    Thank you so much, Linda. I didn’t think I would be able to go, but yes, I am in Denver now, and it looks like the march is now tomorrow==Monday.

    For the latest schedule, check the Puma Pac blog.

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