What a free speech zone looks like in Denver this week

Free Speech.

Does free speech means you can say whatever you want as long as it’s away from anyone who might be disturbed by the content of the message? I don’t think so. The whole idea of free speech is to have your message out where people can hear it.

Here’s where today’s march for Hillary supporters was shunted to.

This is what a marching permit gives you in Denver this week–at least for Hillary supporters. Down an alley and into this bit of sidewalk. A huge parking lot separates the marchers from anyone who might inadvertently catch a glimpse of a Hillary rally sign.

This is what Democracy looks like.

UPDATE: For video of the cages, barbed wire, stun guns, etc. prepared for protesters, here is the link. My favorite, after a 40 minute walk I find the actual “Free speech zone and test the live mic. And here is the YouTube I made of the occasion for posterity.

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  1. newfrickinname Says:

    I believe we met on a street corner in Denver (Speer and Market) the day of an impromptu protest to urge the delgates to keep their pledges to vote for their candidate. I was in an orange PUMA shirt and you (I believe) recorded a certain delegate from the state of KY, who was fed up with the coercion being used to force the delegates to vote for Obama. Am I right? What do you intend to do with that very important footage? newfrick@gmail.com

  2. Nijma Says:

    You have my email. I remember the conversation quite well. The person claimed to be from Kentucky and said the Kentucky delegates were being told if they didn’t f*ing vote the way they were told, they would never have any political future in that state again.

    There was someone standing next to the street with a long silver video camera who taped the conversation. Perhaps she will get in touch.

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