Whining: Sarah Palin is out of touch

Don’t talk about fairness, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin advises Hillary.

“…when I hear a statement like that coming from any woman candidate with any kind of a perceived whine about that excess criticism or a sharper microscope put on her that doesn’t do us any good.

Women in politics, women in general wanting to progress this country. I don’t think it bodes well for her because a statement like that, again fair or unfair it is a reality, and I think it’s a given.”

In other words, says Palin, don’t mention the double standard, don’t point out misogyny, don’t rock the boat, don’t try to set healthy boundaries. Just work harder and be a good sheep.


When Martin Luther King gave his “I have a dream” speech, did he worry about a “perceived whine”? When a certain radio personality referred to a women’s basketball team as prostitutes did Marc Morial of the National Urban League worry about a “perceived whine” when he responded, “It’s important that we stand with the women of Rutgers who are deeply hurt by the highly insensitive comments of Don Imus.” Would we have ever had an Emancipation proclamation if Abraham Lincoln had said, “whether slavery is fair or unfair, it’s a reality, it’s a given.”

Governor Palin is out of touch.

Maybe being governmor has given Sarah Palin a different perspective on things. Maybe living in a governor’s mansion, she doesn’t get dissed a lot. Or maybe she is just so cute, with winning beauty contests and all, that she can just bat her eyelashes and guys forget to be crude to her. Not every woman is lucky enough to be born beautiful or rich or even smart, and time and age can take away all of those advantages.

Hillary Clinton is not out of touch. True, she is richer than most of us, and lives a privileged life compared to most of us, but that doesn’t stop her from staying in touch with what American women are thinking and experiencing. Before Hillary decided to make an issue about the way her campaign was being represented, she did something I bet Sarah Palin never thought of. She asked ordinary women what they thought. And when the democratic leadership was writing a platform that was supposed to include a statement condemning hate speech against women, she got in touch with her mailing list again and asked them what they thought.

So when Hillary stands up and speaks out against the hatred, the gender-based attacks, and the just plain vulgar and crude anatomical remarks that have been the hallmark of the campaign against her, she is not just speaking for herself. She is speaking for all of us.

The character and integrity Hillary Clinton has shown in speaking out is something that can never be taken away from her.

6 Responses to “Whining: Sarah Palin is out of touch”

  1. jerry Says:

    Palin is not only out of touch, she is in direct collusion with those who will continue American sexism in politics and the workforce. Her obvious gift of beauty is her lever, and she has used it effectively to gain access to the “good old boy” network she claims to fight. Yes she fought, but only as a competitor, only to run the network herself. She’s just another politician.

  2. Maxine Says:

    Palin is not out of touch and her beauty is not her lever. She’s a hard working woman who has achieved what many self professed establishment feminists have failed to do. She works hard, has a family, values, and still remains feminine. She is an example to young successful women like me who want it all – career, family, values, and country.

    Direct collusion. The only collusion I see is the liberals and the media working hard to enforce the double standard while being cheered on by the hard line Hilary followers who believe that only women with their values are worthy of the office past the glass ceiling.

  3. Nijma Says:

    @ Maxine:
    “enforce the double standard while being cheered on by the hard line Hilary followers”

    The latest posting over in PUMA-land tells PUMAs with Ebay accounts that it’s time to to sell the DNC leadership on Ebay—precisely because of the Democrats’ treatment of Palin.

    While acknowledging differences in political philosophy…

    I don’t believe for one millisecond that the Republican Party will suddenly wake up and stop being the party of corporate welfare, reckless war, and religious fundamentalism.

    …it goes on to enumerate the unfair gender attacks against Palin:

    The DONC? Not so much. With their renewed and frenzied attacks on Palin as a, oh hell — let’s make a list:

    * BIMBO
    * MILF (look it up if you must)
    * HICK
    * HARPIE
    * This list will be added to in time, I’m SURE.

    The DONC has once again, NOT gone after my vote (or the votes of moderate Independents or liberal Republicans (that is WHOLLY beyond their intellectual or strategic grasp)). They have ONCE AGAIN actively attempted to alienate my sympathy. Whatever message or meaning they hope to deliver to me about the Palin pick, the only thing coming through to me is incoherence at best and renewed sexist onslaught at worst.

    Yup, they’re willing to sell the Democratic party on Ebay in defense of Sarah Palin. Pretty strong stuff.

    But I stand by my statement that Palin is out of touch with ordinary women. Too many women who are wealthy or well-connected or just plain lucky forget where they came from and how extraordinary their own situation is.

  4. Linda Elliott Says:

    I’m sick of Sarah and the Republicans screaming sexism every time someone asks Sarah an intelligent question that she can’t answer. Someone needs to tell Sarah she accepted the VP nomination so act like a VP candidate and stop using the fact that she is a she and whining that everyone is picking on her. Katie Couric certainly showed how well prepared Palin is to be VP or President NOT!!

  5. Linda Elliott Says:

    Maxine, what’s your double standard? Palin is running for office so she’s fair game. When a man runs for office, he is fair game and doesn’t whine about it. She got into the dirty business of politics so shut up, Sarah, and run. I don’t understand how some women can think that being a mother, a mayor of a SMALL town and governor for 2 years qualifies Sarah to be VP or President. She’s NOT my example.

  6. Nijma Says:

    I have yet to hear of Republicans talking about sexism, and the last time I checked, Palin was not making a lot of public statements. If you have an actual example of “Sarah and the Republicans screaming sexism”, do post a link.

    Politics will not be “dirty” unless the voters accept it. Do the voters accept racism? Of course not. Even the suggestion that someone somewhere might hear racist “dogwhistle ” overtones in something is enough to send everyone scurrying. Then why should anyone accept blatantly disgusting misogynistic attacks?

    When someone can tell me why all the other Presidents and Vice Presidents who were governors before they became presidents were not qualified, I’ll start to believe the same about Governor Palin.

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