A Widget for Prayer Times

I just discovered the mosque I had linked to for prayer times, the Adams Center, has been reformatted and my link does not work any more.  For a long time I have been meaning to make a nice a widget for prayer times to replace the old one with the plain black writing on the ugly tan background rectangle. Good excuse to redo the widget and the link at the same time.

The widget is done from an Arabic design that says “salam” or “peace” in the form of a dove, which apparently has the same meaning in the Arab world as it does for us.  I don’t remember where I got it, so if it’s yours, leave a comment and I will credit you.

The mosque I linked to for the prayer times isn’t just any mosque.  It’s a progressive mosque in the DC area that reminds me of my own Christian traditions.  They are governed by a council with representation that includes women, and they are one of the few mosques where men and women pray together in the same room, instead of relegating women to the basement.  They do ecumenical outreach activities, and they are involved with the immigration and labor issues in their city. They deserve a link.

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