Riding the Storm Out

The rain has finally stopped here in northern Illinois. In the aftermath of days of downpouring rain in the weather pattern pushed north by the latest hurricane, I’ve had a chance to mow the lawn, dump the water out of the citronella candles, and take a long walk in the sunshine. Although the streets have opened again and are clear of water, the signs of the long rain remains.

For once the park is free of goose poop. Usually you can’t take a step without looking down, but today the road is clean. Hmm, wonder where it all went. Ya don’t suppose it washed into the lake where it will increase the nitrate levels and lead to more algae?

The most disheartening was the guerilla East Side Book Exchange, now derelict. The book exchange has been through rain, snow and fire, every time rising like the phoenix. Today the neon blue paint has been covered with black, but there is no sign of a book, just gang signs and spider webs. Where the park district used to mow around the steel shelves, now there is an overgrown path through the thistles.

This is the way civilization ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.

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