Pokemon Eid cards?–what is going on in Pakistan

Eid Mubarik! Time to replace my Ramadan Kareem sidebar widget.

But what’s this? In searching for an appropriate seasonal image, I came across this article from Pakistan which says sales of Eid cards are declining in popularity because Pakistanis prefer to text and email free Eid images. I’m fine with that so far, but then the Daily News tells us:

Cards with picture of Harry Potter, Spiderman and Pokemon are also equally popular while schoolchildren prefer to buy cartoon cards…

No, that’s not acceptable. I mean, I’m not even Moslem, and I’m not sure I would prefer the “old prints of roses, oceans and Eid Mubarik signs in Urdu, English and Punjabi” that the Daily news tells us is traditional in Pakistan, but how are cartoons spiritual? And Pokemon? Pokemon was banned In Saudi Arabia after some Pokemon cards came out with small symbols including six-pointed stars and equal-armed crosses on their margins. Jewish conspiracy. Christian conspiracy. Saudis were snapping up all the Pokemon merchandise they could get their hands on in anticipation of the ban taking effect. How did we get from there to Pokemon Eid cards?

What I have in mind is something more mystical like |this| or |this| or |this|, or even just a simple Eid Mubarak ﻋﻴﺪ ﻣﺒﺎرك calligraphy–or an artist’s design based on traditional Islamic art. [Note: Links don’t work any more. See below.]

Art thumbnails here are by Salma Arastu.

UPDATE: The links for Salma Arastu have changed. You can buy her designs. This link seems to work right now:

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  1. abdullahabid Says:

    Dear Abdullah & Abid
    Eid Mubarik

  2. mozzaq Says:

    Just wanted to say its not moslem its muslim okay

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