Stave churches in Thailand or Thai temples in Norway?

On a recent thread over at Language Hat, the usual off topic discussion somehow digressed to the subject of stave churches.  After I pointed out the similarity between Norwegian stave churches and Thai temples, I received the following in an Email from someone who identified himself as a Norwegian architect.

The whole thing started out some twenty years ago when I was comparing vacation photos with a friend who had just returned from a year-long trip that included Thailand.

I’m flattered that an architect thinks this is significant. My grandmother’s family came from Norway, and I have other ancestors from Sweden and Denmark, so of course I would love to think that the Kensington stone is not a fake and that the Vikings got as far as Samarkand and Timbuktu, even if the archaeological record isn’t there.

To see just the graphic with a little better resolution, |click here|. The URL is:

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