Ramadan is over, Eid is over, time to retire the Kul ahm intum bxeer widget.

And to replace it?  What could be more appropriate than Insha’Allah? The phrase can function as a polite refusal, a pious sort of Murphy’s law, or just a reminder for stressed out types that everything is NOT under their control.


In the words of one American who lived in Guinea, the word Inshallah was tied up with ritual greetings and difficulties in transportation that made American-style punctuality impossible.

Now, I’ve learned to be very patient. I’ve also become more tolerant. I realize that I don’t have control over certain things, and that sometimes I must accept my fate and not get upset about unexpected events and problems. Also, instead of letting misunderstandings complicate a situation, I take the extra effort to talk about it until all the confusion is cleared up.

Good advice anywhere.

[Art calligraphy by Salma Arastu.]

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  1. fendrri Says:

    Beautiful calligraphy!

  2. Nijma Says:

    She’s good, isn’t she? You want to touch the images.
    More of her stuff here.

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