Lynching Sarah Palin? Not “intense”–it’s only a white woman.

Whatever you think of Sarah Palin’s politics, there is no excuse for the hate speech that has been unleashed against her.   The latest is some guy in West Hollywood, California, Chad Michael Morrisette, who thinks hanging Sarah Palin with a noose makes for good art.  Is anyone else as dumbfounded by this as I am?  Here is the link.

Listen to the video too. The guy who put it up, Chad Michael Morrisette, says:

I know if we had done it with Barack Obama people probably would have thrown things through our windows…I mean, the image of a hanged black man is a LOT more intense than the image of a hanged white woman…

I am thinking of one person who has the eloquence to talk about this disgraceful episode in the way it deserves to be talked about.

A year ago, a certain candidate for president stood up for justice in Jena , Alabama :

Today I stand with those who stand for justice in Jena. The thousands of Americans from every race and region who have descended on this small Louisiana town carry forth the legacy of all those who sat at lunch counters and took freedom rides to strike a blow against injustice wherever it may exist. When a noose hangs from a schoolyard tree in the 21st century and young men are treated in a way that is not equal nor just, it is not just an offense to the people of Jena or to the African-American community, it is an offense to the ideals we hold as Americans. I renew my call for the District Attorney to drop the excessive charges filed in this case, and I will continue my decades-long fight against injustice and division as President.

Yes, it was Barack Obama who uttered those words.

During the last presidential debate John McCain was asked whether he approved of threats that Barack Obama said were shouted at his rallies (the accusation was later found to be untrue). McCain unequivocally said he did not.

Then McCain brought up the t-shirts (language alert) with degrading slogans (NSFW) worn by Obama’s fans. Obama talked and talked around the issue, but could not bring himself to say he did not approve.

Now imagine this scenario–Obama makes the following statement about the Sarah Palin noose:

When a noose hangs from the roof of a house in the 21st century and young women are treated in a way that is not equal nor just, it is not just an offense to the people of West California or to the women and girls of this nation, it is an offense to the ideals we hold as Americans.

Does anyone think Barack Obama is ready to utter these words as part of his  “decades-long fight against injustice and division” this time? Will Barack Obama stand with those who stand for justice?

Nope. Not gonna happen.

UPDATE: The contempt for women behind this display is especially poignant since the last person to die in a lynching assault in this country was actually female–6 year old Hanna Mack.

9 Responses to “Lynching Sarah Palin? Not “intense”–it’s only a white woman.”

  1. Buzzometer Says:

    If only this was real!

  2. Nijma Says:

    Does anyone else interpret Buzzometer’s comment as a death threat against Sarah Palin?

  3. Fred Says:

    Of course it has connotations of a death threat. All it takes is a mentally inadequate person to translate it as something the MESSIAH Obama wants them to do.

    We need to have the same effigy for Joe Biden.
    I will contribute $5000 if someone wants to arrange an effigy of Biden and noose him up.

    Do we want wallow in scum like Obama’s people ? Sometimes it does help make us feel better.

  4. prplvette85 Says:

    Yes it is a death threat. But Fred, you know what? ….the best noose around their necks will be the fact that they won’t be elected. Donate to the McCain Campaign and to That is where your money will be best spent.

  5. urgetocompute Says:

    No, it’s not a threat. It’s not illegal to wish someone dead – just to plot it or threaten it.

  6. michelina Says:

    They’re SO AFRAID, she’s the PUSH McCAin needed for the WIN

    That’s why all the HATE (FEAR)——-WE’ve been through this with HILLARY<


  7. Heather in Florida aka Dragonfly Says:

    I think it is misogynistic. Listen to Chad Michael Morrissette’s own words. It is “more intense” to depict a black man hung by a noose than a white woman because of “our history.” It is obviously correct that black men have been murdered by racists through lynching. But “our history” is also stinking with violence against women, and worse, the complacency about it by people like the “artist” Morrissette. This complacency is why women are still murdered, why girls are sexually assaulted, why women and girls are still used in sexual slavery. Putting Palin in a noose is VERY intense, Chad Michael.

  8. mm Says:

    Yes, but Democrats are now the party of wife abuse and woman-beating.

    Never thought I’d see the day, but the Republicans are now the closest thing to a party representing women’s rights. They want you in the kitchen and married, but the Dems are into raped and beaten and don’t even care about dead.

    Look what they did to Hillary. Democrats will even eat their own, their woman-hate is that bad.

    Look at their response to this effigy – they’ll just point out that there are still racists out there, that “makes it ok” to be just as bad to women as the worst racists are to blacks. (Fair’s fair, right?)

    I think it’s because the women haven’t stood up for themselves in so long. They thought that if they played nice, the Dems would give them equality. Instead they don’t even get a doggy treat.

    There’s a LOT of anger in Democratic males, toward women, whether those women are supportive of men (in which case they are contemptuously cast as breeders and cows) or feminists (which is ok, as long as they don’t actually genuinely assert anything or claim any real rights).

  9. Margot Says:

    I had my doubts about Sara Palin, but they have been erased. She is a stand up woman. No matter how much spit, excrement, insults, and mock lynching is thrown in her face, she holds on. No wimpiness like Hillary crying. Sara is descended from the pioneer women who walked the prarie with a children in the wagon, one in her arms and one in her belly to make a great nation. Read Willa Cather and you will know what a pioneer woman was made of and you will know what Sara Palin is made of.

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