Political witch hunters and taking back the witch brand

It seems like every time someone anonymous wants to discredit a female politician, instead of talking about policy and credentials, they pull out the old witch meme.

Like the anonymous blogger (of course they never sign their real names) who says  “pray that the witch known as Sarah Palin flies away on her broom.”  And no, I’m not going to give a link.

A google search for “witch Hillary” turns up 2,470,000 hits.

But “Nancy Pelosi witch” only gets 159,000 hits.

Forget that.  Today I’m going to have a little fun.  I’ve unearthed my Halloween witch hat and dusted it off–yesterday I wore it to class. I totally forgot I was wearing it until people started smiling and waving to me on the street.  So instead of putting the hat discreetly away, today I will wear it again everywhere I can think of–with a big smile on my face.

People like witches.

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