RIP Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba sings “When I’ve Passed On” at Bern’s Salonger. Obit here.

The same YouTube user has several other videos of Makeba worth checking out.  Then there’s her trademark “Click Song”  from Dutch TV 1979 and an energetic “Pata pata” from the same Holland 1979 performance (both with low sound volume but worth watching). The Click Song from 1966 at Bern’s Salonger in Sweden. More versions of Pata Pata: this black and white video of “Pata Pata” with the 60’s “Afro” outfits on the backup singers, or a color video “Pata, Pata” in Japan with purple/pink costumes we haven’t seen since the 60’s.  Here she is with Paul Simon with a very tight  “Under African Skies” (I love this one) in a night concert in Spain c. 1990 (with some great language clicks at the end) and again with Paul Simon “Under African Skies” at the daylight African Graceland concert.

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