Chicago’s Arab Heritage Month

arab-chicago-commissionOnce again it’s Arab Heritage Month and I’ve missed half of it.  I only found out because I’m signed up for Arabic language meetups and they sent a notice.  I don’t go to the meetups any more because they’re always in a smoky environment–ah, how I miss that tufaHtain (double apple) argila since I quit smoking–but my interest in Arabic is eternal. There are still some good events left and other events at museums and such that continue for the whole month.

This Sunday, for women only: if you’re interested in belly dancing–the proper Arab kind they do at all-female engagement parties and not the Greek restaurant kind–do check out the ten dollar introductory lesson that Jasmin gives at her North Side studio.  She’s very good and it’s quite a workout. Believe me, you will discover muscles you didn’t know you had.

The link to the schedule is here.

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