How do you Pronounce Nijma نجم ?

nijma-star-icon1-d986d8acd985Pronounced “Nidj-mah”, Nijma نجم means “star” in Arabic. I was given the name by the sister of a friend, who thought I was just like the character in the “Bedouin Soap Opera” who had all kinds of wise answers for life’s persistent problems. When I returned to the city and tried to watch the Bedouin Soap Opera, it had gone off the air, so I never got to pick out which character was my namesake.

I had other nicknames, most of them with a romantic meaning, but this was the name I liked the most, being named for one of my qualities, and not a quality I inspired in the person giving me the name. It is always a female name, and is considered to be a bit old fashioned and rural, the kind of name that a bedouin aunt might have. A wise,  sort of Ann Landerish aunt that you can trust not to give away your romantic secrets.



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