Rumproast Wonkette Lurker Thread

Last week’s Weblog Awards voting frenzy is over, but apparently I’ve attracted attention on some blogs I don’t ordinarily read. The reason I know is that they make remarks about me on their blogs (but not remarks to me on the blogs where I comment) and sometimes they even send me emails. So if you’re one of the people who has commented about me, pasted remarks I made on another blog onto your own blog, emailed me with either lovemail or hatemail, or even just thought about the possibility of emailing me, here is your opportunity to say whatever it is you want to say.

For anyone who is not familiar with the earthshaking and intellectually stimulating commentary that goes on at these blogs, the last time I peeked in on them, they had posted a picture of a generic fat person and everyone was linking to it and making cutting remarks about the person’s weight. And no, I am not going to post a link.

FAQ:  Okay these aren’t necessarily real questions, (and they’re not necessarily not real questions), but they are questions you (or an anonymous secret person who may or may not have emailed me) might have asked if you had thought about asking them.

1. I sort of like you a little bit.
Thank you.

2. You are just like us.
No. I am just like me.

3. Can I make a comment on this thread?

Yes, that’s what it’s for. Questions are unmoderated, with no trigger words, but WordPress has a very aggressive new spam filter. For some reason I can’t figure out, genuine comments often go in the spam filter. WordPress claims their spam filter has the capacity to learn, but even my own remarks from the same IP always go in the spam filter if I am not signed in. I look in the spam filter about once a week. Okay, every day, as soon as I finish this syllabus project. If someone really want to have a discussion, I will really try to answer them.   Really.  I just don’t want to talk about some “issue” like whether myiq2xu is hawt, okay?

4. Can I use bad language in the comments?
Yes, but I will replace it with asterisks. I told WordPress this is a child-friendly site.

5. [X] person on [Y] website is not a nice person/said something I don’t agree with.
I don’t care.

6. Why don’t you come over and make comments on [X,Y, or Z] blog?
If you can make it worth my while, email me with the financial details.

7. Can we have a dialog?
For all you do, this thread’s for you.


16 Responses to “Rumproast Wonkette Lurker Thread”

  1. StrangeAppar8us Says:

    Thank you for the invitation to post.

    All I can say at the moment is that I look forward to spending some time reading your blog. You seem quite thoughtful, and I always wince when I see you being criticized on other sites for discouraging the blanket dismissal of Islam as a “savage cult” that brutalizes women.

    I’ll check back after I’ve wandered around a bit. Meanwhile, thanks again.

  2. pumarubbernecker Says:

    Hello Nijma. You’re interested in dialogging with Obots? That doesn’t sound very PUMA…

    They may revoke your license.

  3. Nijma Says:

    Well, well, I was all disappointed the, Rumpsters didn’t come to visit me after acting all dialogy and stuff, and then when I got home from work, I looked in the spam filter and there everybody was.

    Welcome, Strange, I know it’s a bit of a garage sale in here, but it makes me comfortable. The most unique thing about camelsnose is that I used to grab all of my hero, King Abdullah’s speeches off of Jordan Times before they went in the memory hole and save them in the January 2004 archive. JT is archiving a lot better these days, but there are still people from .edu IP’s who read them late at night.

    If you’re looking for some specific post to read here, my number one hit of all time was “Is Barack Obama’s Trinity Church Racist” although I also liked the followup, Jesus Lite and Victimology at Obama’s Still Racist Trinity Church”, written after I accepted a commenter’s invitation to attend the church (back before it was the hip thing to do).

    As far as being thoughtful, thank you, but I don’t write everything I think, either. The “about” blurb pretty much says it. I’m willing to suspend distrust and go straight for the snacks.

    pumarubbernecker, LOL, but this isn’t really a political blog, it’s neutral territory. It’s good to know the Pumas have got my back, though, if I need it.

  4. kcindenver Says:

    I’m with Strange. While I do disagree with you, obviously, on some issues, your defense of Islam on the PUMA blog is nothing short of heroic. I have alot of respect for you.

  5. Mrs. Polly Says:

    Nijma, as you may have heard, Rumproast is moving on, generally. We’ve all lurked at PUMAPAC, and been fairly appalled by much of what we see.

    Speaking for myself, I”ve noted a lot of virulent anti-Muslim prejudice aimed at you, and deeply disturbing mutilation fantasies on the part of Jenniforhillary. Fantasies of castrating Al Franken. Desire that “O-bots” suffer riots, starvation, and death, just to experience the effects of their so-called “worship” of “the Precious”. That woman is disturbed, and PUMAPAC encourages her disturbance, whipping her rage up to a frenzy, applauding her despair and hysteria, and taking large amounts of her money. I would call this using her.

    Some of her money went to the KPFT radio show, which PUMAPAC thought was a hit for the very same reason she and Murphy were roundly mocked by the general KPFT listeners: they shouted over or cut off dissent–a common feature on PUMA blogs. I salute you for your openness here. It makes you a rare big cat.

    Jennifer’s appearance was not an issure after the show: the guy who was on after her made a satirical tape because he thought she and Darragh were crazy, but he NEVER MENTIONED JENNIFER”S APPEARANCE.

    The interview she freely gave a reporter eventuallly went viral when it was put together with her horrifying comments about castration/rioting/death. Much of the mockery after that was appearance-based, and as somebody who is herself almost completely spherical, I didn’t like it at all. But she should be far more embarrassed for the vulgar, violent drivel she is constantly venting, and that everyone at PUMA seems to think is cute. It isn’t. It’s an embarrassment to women, to humanity.

    It’s good that some PUMA women are developing a sense of empowerment, but this utter reliance on a leader who doesn’t deliver on her promises (buses to Denver?Newspaper ads? )and isn’t accountable–no PAC should have the same person doing its finances, paying herself a salary, essentially being all things to all people—this is folly.

    Forgive the length of this comment. Also, it may be a bit disjointed—your widgets on the right are actuallly covering the comment box’s right side.

    I should tell you, I have learned about one terrific thing from you: the Rice game. Also, this is a very interesting site you have here, and when I have time I’m going to really look around. Thanks for your patience.

  6. pumarubbernecker Says:

    “It’s good to know the Pumas have got my back, though, if I need it.”

    Is that much comfort? Who do you have back there, the resident PUMA perl haxxor? Is it myiq2xu with his fancy Whois IP tracing utility?

    I don’t know what your deal is nijma, but you seem rational enough on the surface that I’m curious how you don’t see what a giant trainwreck of crazy the PUMAs are.

  7. sean Says:

    Nijma — Let me just reiterate what I said about you elsewhere before. I’m amazed you put up with the PUMAs after being shown their “s**** them Muslin t****-h****” level of bigotry toward Muslims. It seems perfectly in keeping with the rest of their clueless hatred to me, but maybe it came as a surprise to you, since you agreed with them about some other things.

    ****ethnic slur edited -N

  8. Betty Cracker Says:

    “For anyone who is not familiar with the earthshaking and intellectually stimulating commentary that goes on at these blogs, the last time I peeked in on them, they had posted a picture of a generic fat person and everyone was linking to it and making cutting remarks about the person’s weight. And no, I am not going to post a link.”

    I’m a Rumproast co-blogger, and I need to set the record straight here: The characterization above is not accurate — at least, not for Rumproast (can’t speak for Wonkette as I don’t read every single post). There was indeed an obese person who was a recent topic of conversation at both blogs, but she wasn’t random: She was a PUMA PAC regular who distinguishes herself by advocating violence, hoping aloud for starvation, riots and war for the US to punish it for electing Obama and publishes lurid castration fantasies focused on political enemies such as Al Franken. Her video was attached to a post about PUMA craziness, so it was relevant, not random.

    No one busted into a private family vault and stole the video that was posted; the PUMA subject sought out the media and voluntarily gave a rambling, deranged rant on camera for the purposes of spreading her views. After it was posted, people certainly made some out of bounds comments about her weight. But she was hardly the innocent victim the PUMAs are making her out to be.

    It’s not nice to make fun of random people about their weight. And you could make the argument that even appalling racists and serial-killer glorifiers like the PUMA in question should be criticized solely for their horrid views and blood-thirstiness without reference to their obesity. That’s a fair point.

    However, PUMA PAC is not the organization that can credibly make that argument since that blog actually does routinely link to truly random obese people for the sole purpose of ridiculing them; the “Daily Pig” posts target specific men and also contain links to pictures of random fat dudes who are apparently NOT the target (recent example
    ). Is that okay?

    As for earthshaking and intellectually stimulating commentary, there’s plenty of that on Rumproast. I know the PUMAs like to imagine the blog’s sole purpose is to ridicule PUMA, and there has been a lot of that over the past several months. But a fair assessment of our archives will reveal a community interested in a variety of topics and capable of engaging in high level discussions on many issues.

    We’re not the giggling frat boys/girls PUMA makes us out to be, and unlike that organization, our sole focus isn’t on a single political enemy. If you look at the archives of Rumproast (or my blog, for that matter), you’ll find posts expressing anger at the treatment of Hillary Clinton during the primaries, etc.

    Anyway, assuming you actually allow my comments to be published as written (which is a sharp contrast to how most PUMA blogs are run; I’ll believe it when I see it), I thank you for that opportunity to set the record straight.

  9. Clownshoes the Clown Says:

    I think you’ll find that if you don’t level racist, unrealistic (that he stole the primary using misogyny) or delusional (that he’s not an American citizen) charges against Obama, you’ll find that we don’t have much for which to make fun of you.

    That said, RR and Wonkette are both *satire* blogs, and from their POV, PUMAs are like shooting fish in a barrel when Obama has collected incredible levels of trust and approval even since winning the election.

    Kindest regards,


  10. yetanotherfreakingbrit Says:

    I’ll echo what strangey said above – “I always wince when I see you being criticized on other sites for discouraging the blanket dismissal of Islam as a “savage cult” that brutalizes women.”

    Well, I don’t so much wince, but I’ve experienced the same reaction myself on various forums over the years when trying to counter the “let’s turn the Middle East into a glassy parking lot” persuasion, so I can relate to it.

    I will acknowledge that two wrongs don’t make a right, but if you’re going to focus on objectification of people on grounds of body shape – sizeism is one word for it – then if we acknowledge that it’s an unfortunate tendency in some non-PUMAs (I imagine you were referring to Wonkette’s posting of an image of a rather large man at the head of a post the other day – Wonkette really doesn’t do PC, from what I’ve seen), then it would be hypocritical not to acknowledge that jibes like that have been common currency on PUMA blogs as well throughout the whole election campaign.

    It’s an unfortunate tendency that’s common to all people, and maybe we can agree to challenge it when we see it, or at the VERY least not join in. (On which note, someone seriously needs to shake some folks up on PUMA PAC at the moment, as they’re not doing themselves or the more sensible ones like you any favors with the way they’re carrying on – enough with the tee-heeing over racist jokes already.)

    And CtC kind of beat me to it. I started following the elections in complete ignorance of PUMAs (my wife was much more clued up about US politics than I was, and I eventually had to explain to her what PUMAs were all about, which may tell you how much impact the movement had in real terms).

    My attention was drawn to PUMA by seeing a lot of quite unpleasant unfounded rumors and smears that I knew or could easily prove untrue, and a lot of very nasty and misleading posts on various blogs and newspaper comments sections. “Where are these coming from?” I asked myself.

    So I followed the trail. It led back to No Quarter, and from there to PUMA PAC, The Confluence and various other PUMA or Republican sources. I felt angry, and a bit isolated. Then I discovered Yes To Democracy, and from there a whole host of blogs like Betty’s and Mrs. Polly’s, and of course Rumproast.

    If PUMA had focused on the issues it had gripes about and conducted its activities with more civility and not gone the route of promoting just about every smear and negative meme about Obama, it would never have caught my attention in the way it did. As it is, I spent a lot of the later election period – within strict limits I set myself – trying to counter the worst of those smears and those who were spreading them.

    So that’s a partial story of how I find myself where I am today, and in relation to PUMA.

    As CtC said, cutting out the racism (and believe me, PUMA PAC is an UGLY place tonight) and the half-assed conspiracy theories and the unnecessary personal jibes at the Obamas would give little or no grounds for ridicule. The rather idiosyncratic interpretations of feminism etc. would really be neither here nor there, as they’re nothing new and everyone’s entitled to their opinions (though if you’ve ever read anything I’ve posted, you’ll know of my suspicions and negative reactions to a few PUMAs who call themselves “feminist”).

    No political system is perfect. No politician is perfect. If you want to try to change or counter either, I’d suggest that there are better ways of going about it than being confined to an online compound with a group whose brand name has been tarnished beyond any hope of recovering whatever credibility it might once have had.

    Anyway, I thank you for your civility and your hospitality here, and wish you well for the future. It’s going to be an interesting four years. Maybe we’ll talk it over again when it’s over.

  11. johnd Says:

    First of all I agree with the above, the pumas on the site tonight portray a terrible impression on all those who just happen to be stopping by or were thinking about joining the pac. I copied this off of a link that your anti-muslim friend BMW60 was promoting over at pumapac. This is just one of the comments…”I believe Israel will have to level Gaza in order to have any kind of peace. A surgical nuclear strike should get the Arab’s attention. Nuke em till they glow, then shoot em in the dark. Kill em all. Let God sort them out.”
    If that PUMA has your back you might as well hand her/him/it the knife…

    On another note, just like I said in my e-mail, I love your blog and your writings.


  12. Nijma Says:

    What a surprise. I get home from work and there’s a zillion Rumpsters leaving comments for me. I think a couple still went to the spam filter, but everyone should be out by now. What’s the proper name for a gaggle of Rumpsters? A ration of rumpsters? A rabble of rumpsters? Rumble? Raunch?

    Unfortunately work was a surprise too. “We moved your class to another room.” “We have a different textbook for you, if you would like to use it.” “If”, heh. More and more surprises. Some weekend.

    Thank you for all your remarks; I’ll try to start responding to some of them tomorrow. Or maybe Monday when I have a holiday in order to ponder my civil rights. In the meantime, I’m feelin’ the rumpster love. Sort of.

  13. Nijma Says:

    O Rumpsters, I have now had time to ponder the current rumpfest, and have responded to everyone’s remarks.
    Rumproast Flame War (just kidding) posted.
    As Murphy would say, take it upstairs!

  14. Jenbluenow Says:

    My friend Christy sent me a link to a movie about radical muslims in America. These guys are absolutely nuts…
    they want to take over our country.

    [thanks for the spam link to the scary-freakout-Islam movie trailer, but I’ve disabled the spam link to the insurance quotes -N]

  15. Jenbluenow Says:

    My friend Christy sent me a link to a movie about radical muslims [truncated]

    [Yeah right Jen, and that’s the third time you’ve posted the identical Moslem hate rap about your “friend” here. That’s called spamming.]

  16. XRumerTest Says:

    Hello. And Bye.

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