The Real Necronomicon

Fans of H.P. Lovecraft will remember how the very mention of the dread Necronomicon, the forbidden book of the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred, could send chills up the spine.  The Necronomicon  was supposed to be totally fictional, but today I happened to sit next to a Yemeni woman who told me about a real prohibited book of the occult in Arabic, Ahmad al-Buni’s Shams al-Mar’arif al-Kubra, or “The Sun of Great Knowledge”,  that the Necronomicon may be based on.

The Necronomicon

cthulhu-lesser-evilThe fictional Necronomicon, of course, was a mouldy hidden manuscript containing the ancient secret devices for awakening the  Old Ones such as the dread Cthulhu. To quote the Necronomicon:

That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

According to Wikipedia, in a posthumously published back story, Lovecraft said

the Necronomicon was originally called Al Azif, an Arabic word that Lovecraft defined as “that nocturnal sound (made by insects) supposed to be the howling of demons”.  Alhazred is described as being from Sanaa in Yemen, and as visiting the ruins of Babylon, the “subterranean secrets” of Memphis and the Empty Quarter of Arabia where he discovered the “nameless city” below Irem. In his last years, he lived in Damascus, where he wrote Al Azif before his sudden and mysterious death in 738.  In one short story the Necronomicon was hidden inside a copy of Qanoon-e-Islam, a real book.

cthulhu-no-more-yearsLovecraft himself said the Necronomicon was his own invention:

Now about the “terrible and forbidden books” — I am forced to say that most of them are purely imaginary. There never was any Abdul Alhazred or Necronomicon, for I invented these names myself. …. As for seriously-written books on dark, occult, and supernatural themes — in all truth they don’t amount to much.

Ah-HA!  Lovecraft DID know about some such books.

Al-Buni’s Shams al-Mar’arif al-Kubra and other manuscripts

al-buni-cover-pageDetails about Ahmad al-Buni are scarce, but sources say he was an Alexandrian Sufi who died in Cairo in the year 622 Hijri / 1225 Gregorian.  Unlike the Picatrix, an Andalusian grimoire of the same century (partial translation here) , al-Buni’s Shams al-Mar’arif al-Kubra has not been translated into English.  According to the publisher’s description (several pages of this book here):

This is the leading text of Islamic Occultism, written by the mysterious Cabbalistic Sufi Ahmad al-Buni. This work is about the Secrets of the Asma Al-Husna (the 99 “Excellent Names” of God), the mysteries of the Huruf Muqatta’at of the Qur’an (the enigmatic letters appearing at the start of some chapters), and it discusses the influence exercised by the sun, moon and stars at the time of preparing prayer-charts or phylacteries. There is a great deal on magic squares, numerology, alchemy, amulets, many formulae for day-to-day use, and much more. The Shams al-Ma’arif rivals the Picatrix in importance. Most of the “time-tested” books on sorcery in the Muslim world are simplified excerpts from the Shams al-Ma’arif. Both the Picatrix and the Shams al-Ma’arif were probably a model for H. P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon. More intriguing, perhaps, is the similarity between some of the symbols in the Shams al-Ma’arif and the veves of the Voodoo tradition.

Another similar (and I think beautiful) al-Buni manuscript, but with different magic squares, Shemsu al-Ma’arif wa Lataifu al-Avarif, can be seen here.  According to this grimoire wish list, the book may also be known as Kitab Shams al-Ma’arif, and the author may also be known as Abu’l ‘Abbas Ahmad ibn ‘Ali ibn Yusuf al-Buni al-Qurashi.  Apparently there were several versions of these works all attributed to the same author.  A discussion of the al-Buni works “Gazing at the Sun, remarks on the Egyptian al-Buni and his work, the Corpus Bunianum” by Jan Just Witkam is here.



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    […] the Shams al-Ma’arif the Necronomicon? I’ve come across a couple sites this morning stating that the Arabic book of magic Shams al-Ma’arif, which we discussed […]

  2. armend Says:

    ich will diese buch haben

  3. Ashley Says:

    H.P. Lovecraft may have denied its existence but as the saying goes, “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt”. Lovecraft didn’t pen the book, yet there are genuine books of sinister content. Books you don’t openly discuss; books about things existing beyond flesh and death. My father came across a “Necronomicon” in a contemporary bookstore. It creeped him out; he isn’t a soft easily-creeped-out guy. He said there was an odor thst accompanied the book.

  4. Ashley Says:

    ***that accompanied the…***

  5. Nijma Says:

    Books with “Necronomicon” in the title started appearing some 35 years after Lovecraft first invented the name. They are largely hoaxes, but may contain some real Sumerian magic ritual. For example see the Amazon review by the reader “KN02skull” here. Here are links to the other documents he mentions, the Leydon papyrus and the Emerald Tablet of Trismegistus. Others connect it with Robert W. Chambers’ early horror The King in Yellow (free download), some of whose characters appear in Lovecraft.

  6. Dave Says:

    well I can tell you this I downloaded the famed “necronomicon, and yes it creeps me out. I plan to see if it is real and take it to a place were I can recite one of the rituals, for shit and giggles. I never believed in stuff like this, but when there are warnings on the book about tampering with things beyond your consciousness, then you can only hope but wonder… I will let you know what happens. Write back with any comments to my e-mail at I am taking 2 people with me to observe.

    • Nigurepur Says:

      Do NOT take lightly on these rituals!
      Do NOT make any of these rituals before you know what you are doing

      Seek knowledge before entering the gates of the elder gods.
      They will bless you, or they will devour you.

    • drake Says:

      I sit here with the book and ponder what I have done. Things are all wrong now….. Time shall tell if it has been done right or not.

    • KLH Says:

      DONT DO IT!!!! I messed around with the Necro about 10 years ago and unleashed all kinds of negativity into my life!

  7. Nijma Says:

    Before you decide to mock what you do not understand, Dave, consider the fate of Pickman, formerly human, but last seen meeping and gibboring like a ghoul before his final disappearance and probable dissolution.

    Be careful what you….
    …”download” did you say?

    Where is this download of which you speak?

  8. Nijma Says:

    Dave promised to report back to us before he set out to tamper with forces beyond his understanding. It has now been more than two weeks and we have not heard from him.

    Can there be any doubt about his fate?

    • Nigurepur Says:

      Do NOT take lightly on these rituals!
      Do NOT make any of these rituals before you know what you are doing…

      Seek knowledge before entering the gates of the elder gods.
      They will bless you, or they will devour you.

  9. Nigurepur Says:

    Do NOT take lightly on these rituals!
    Do NOT make any of these rituals before you know what you are doing…

    Seek knowledge before entering the gates of the elder gods.
    They will bless you, or they will devour you.

    • Hm Ntr Says:

      I agree. I had my first experience with one of the older Necronomicon books back in 1991…back then, under the title, it said “BOOK EIGHT”…I thought nothing of it at the time, and all copies that I found at that time had the same “BOOK EIGHT” at the bottom of the book.

      I once thought everything in that book was a bunch of hogwash, just as most people do, but soon learned the error of my thinking…

      I had gone out to the sand pits in rural north eastern Massachusetts, to a secluded place where I would have a fire and hang out in my younger years exploring “the pits”…I decided to go there one night to try “some” of the rituals in that book, not believing for one minute that anything would happen…

      I spend a lot of money that day, getting the silver bowl and all the engraving tools that I would need to complete the symbols and affect the ritual…

      As I was saying, I went to the pits to try out some of the rituals, which I was going to do one by one, consecutively, over a period of time.

      The first night I tried to do the “Summoning of the Fire God”, figuring that was one that sounded “fun”…

      I had a small fire pit dug out in the ground, about 2 feet across, and dug about a foot deep. I also had a ring of small bowling ball sized stone surrounding the fire pit, to contain the embers…

      I began the ritual and the wind died around me, although I could still clearly see the trees all around me moving still…it was as if I was stepping outside of the immediate area, that I was shifting “planes” for lack of better wording at the time. The hackles on the back of my neck started to rise, I poured the contents of my ritual into the silver bowl, and I began the proscribed ritual.

      All of a sudden the fire pit shot a pillar of fire into the air, which convalesced upon itself, and covered my silver bowl, my ceremonial dagger, and all the provisions that I brought with me for the night!

      Just as soon as it came, it was gone, as was my bowl and everything that I brought with me, save that which was in my pockets.

      The wind began again and I had a freezing chill go down my spine, the kind you get when you know you have something unnatural around, and I heard a deep voice resonate in my mind saying only “you missed a dot”…

      I ran out of that sand pit faster than you could read my post, and I was all most completely out of my mind with fear at this point; I kept repeating “I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE!”…I don’t know if it was out loud or if it was only repeated in my mind for the next few hours, but I could not wait for day light to come again, since it was about 2 am that I got back to my house…I was too scared to sleep…

      Never again had I doubted the Necronomicon, but then again, never have I seen one where the bottom read “BOOK EIGHT”…

      The newer versions of the book have page numbers changed, the whole apple love spell that was on the right side page is now on the left, etc…there are a lot of changes that the book has undergone, and there is less and less in the book with each printing it seems….

      Still, if you want to use the Necronomicon, make sure to get an older copy, something previous to the 1990’s, preferably one from the 60’s or 70’s, during the time of Anton LaVey…use it in conjunction with some of the rituals from the Satanic Bible/Rituals…

      The Elder Gods will listen…

      • Nijma Says:

        You didn’t dismiss the being. I thought you were always supposed to dismiss the being.

        Aren’t you supposed to state what you want so the being doesn’t think you’re just wasting its time in compelling it to appear? And then tell the being it has leave to depart, so it doesn’t hang around and cause mischief?

  10. Nijma Says:

    Dave did not come back. Perhaps Cthulhu devoured him, Nigurepur, as you say.

    If Cthulhu doesn’t scare you, google “self-fulfilling prophecy” and learn something about the complexities and mysteries of the human mind. Then tell me what choices you make when you seek out these forces, even symbolically.

    • Nigurepur Says:

      He didn´t do the rituals. To much preparation and I don´t think he got the knowledge to do it. Don´t think he can separate the real rituals in the book from the false ones.

  11. Sargon Says:

    I bet you all that Dave is suffering energy draining by a spirit he tried to invoke. he will be better off burning the sigils he used than to ponder on the phenomena he has just experienced . I will check if his name is recorded by now by the angel of death, LOLL !!!

  12. Apollo Says:

    It works! I am a believer and are using the Necronomicon for more than a year every day now. some times it get bad, but I think the respect is right from my side now, the Gods are helping me day to day. Warning do not take it for a joke!

  13. Apollo Says:

    It works! I am a believer and are using the Necronomicon for more than a year every day now. some times it get bad, but I think the respect is right from my side now, the Gods are helping me day to day. Warning do not take it for a joke!!!!

  14. Ryan Says:

    does anybody have any answers to reversing the spells. I did a very dumb thing. I read a few of the spells out loud and on 2/7/10 i witnessed 2 animal faces (I think its a goat and what looks to be a female lion) that formed on the side of my hope chest and is still there. I NEED SOME HELP. IT SCARED ME SO MUCH I STARTED SHAKING.

  15. Ryan Says:

    Plus I took pics of it. This is for real!

    • Nigurepur Says:

      Don´t worry..
      The most rituals in necronomicon is pure nature based.
      The summerians used most of them to get a year of better crops to harvest etc. Necronomicon is mostly made up with just some real spells in it. None of them are real dangerous either. The most dangerous thing is yourself, what you believe happens and want to happen.

      If you want to reverse the spell you won´t find a way to do it in necronomicon. Search other summerian spellbooks for help on this matter.

      And dude.. Don´t play with things you don´t truely understand.

  16. Nigurepur Says:

    Apollo..Exacly what gods do you refer to?

  17. warlockasylum Says:

    Well Nigurepur I invite you to try the system, and give us your opinion from there. I have worked with doctors, reiki masters, enochian magicians, even some freemasons, who have attested to the stystem’s validity. People are going to use what works for them and that’s that.

    Other people who are not involved seem to be most animate in trying to define something without ever having experiencing it and that becomes a religion all to its own.

    First, occult studies of the east deal heavily with the employment of the emotions. this is what magic is. Now you have someone trying to ecplian another person’s experience rather than observing what is being said,

    All the best to you

  18. Nijma Says:

    Ryan, you have pics?

  19. Nigurepur Says:

    Warlock> What Im saying is that the rituals in the book, is rituals that is found elsewhere appart what is told in the book itself. I know by experience that if you know some of their real orgin and those rituals that are plain made up they just won´t work for me. And I know that it probably wouldn´t work for others either.

    If you do a ritual that is unknown to you and something happens that is not meant to be, then the magic lies inside of yourself and not in anyway in the ritual. It´s your own “power” that makes the magic. To make a ritual to work in the way it´s meant to work, then you need to 100% know what every word means. And have strong believe in it.

  20. warlockasylum Says:

    I agree with you thoughts, and many of the rituals are taken from the Assyrian Tablets found in Ninevah. I am just saying that the “Lord’s prayer” is still the same prayer even if it appears in other works

  21. Nigurepur Says:

    Great work you´ve done btw lock..

  22. warlockasylum Says:

    Thanks…many blessings to you my friend. I wish you all the best in your spiritual endeavors :0

  23. Ryan Says:

    I know nigurepur. I was talking to my buddy on the the phone and read a page from the book out loud. But today I had a bad nose bleed that would not stop (1st nose bleed ever without getting punched in the face and by the way im 28 yrs old.) And NIJMA I Do have pics on my cell I just need to upload them from my phone.

  24. Nijma Says:

    Ryan, sometimes people send me photos by email if they think I’m interested in something. I can post them here, too, if you want. But if it can be photographed, can it be from the spirit world? I am thinking of vampires and mirrors.

    A nosebleed should stop after 20 or 30 minutes unless you’re taking anticoagulants (like aspirin). I get a lot of minor nosebleeds this time of year because the air is dry or if I take antihistamines for flu.

    One thing I ran into when I was researching lycanthropic steams was the idea of the magic circle. It is used to summon supernatural beings safely. One draws the circle on the ground with steel, typically a sword, before summoning the being (or the Lord and Lady). (It can be an invisible circle; you can just move a steel blade through the air.) The being is supposed to materialize safely inside the circle. At the end of the ritual, the being is dismissed (important!) and then the circle is broken with the steel sword (important!) by drawing a line through it so the being can leave the circle and go back to where it came from. I have seen this used by local pagan groups at Samhain as well. A ritual might set your mind at rest. (I don’t have time to check right now, but I seem to remember in the Bible when the city of Jerusalem was rebuilt, it had to be done with materials that had not been worked with iron.)

  25. Ryan Says:

    nijma you sound like you don’t believe. (the spelling on the last word might not be right) And plus I don’t have a sword and I do not think there is a god. Please next time type like u are not writing a paper for school. But I still love your effort to help me. :)

  26. Nigurepur Says:

    Only thing I can come up with with the symbols you described (a goat and a female lion), is the storm god Ninhursag also known as Lady of the mountain. But to know that you have to describe the symbol more. The other symbol (the goat) might has something to do with Enki, but I think you should post the picture you have.. It´s hard to say anything when we don´t know exacly what the symbols look like, and what ritual you “did”.

  27. Nijma Says:

    You don’t have a sword???!!!? You can use your Boy Scout knife. :~)

  28. no joking Says:

    Out of the blue, one day, i started searching for occult lore and literature, motivated by strange events occuring in personal life (later discovered to be spells against me by people in my agenda). As i had decided to dabble in those “arts” so i could myself “cast some vengeance of my own and achieve some minor things i couldn ‘t otherwise”, i came across necronomicon and got fascinated. I know it is a fake, a child of literature and pure fantasy and all, but a short research about its gods (that happen to be ancient messopotamian mostly) and its rituals (related to chaos magic, chaos magicians warn they work and are dangerous for reasons i will not list) real, convinced me to start reading it loud and trying to experiment with its contents. I experienced strange phenomena (of visual nature in my room), such as letters being written on a wall and hearing voices, i felt like my room was getting darker and with less air and frightened, i abandoned everything and run out to get some clear air. Whenever i passed from, ALL dogs were fiercely barking to me and 2 even attempted to bite… Next day the elevator of our building crashed, with one person inside, who got serious wounds and bled half a floor before they could get him out. Needless to say, i swore to abandon everything concerning magic and the occult, and turned to my neighbour ‘s priest for help. Mock all you want, but IF YOU WANT TO TRY IT OUT OF PURE CURIOSITY, SIMPLY DON ‘T. YOU CAN THANK ME LATER, OR NEVER. Be well.-

  29. Nigurepur Says:

    Yeah. It is very dangerous to experiment with it..

  30. hi Says:

    I believe in the Necronomicon completely and am totally fascinated by it, I was wondering if I can perform any rituals to guide me along the lines of the elder gods or the ancient ones

  31. Nijma Says:

    Good luck with that, hi. The problem is that the people who say they’re going to perform rituals never come back to say how it went. Poor Dave, in the thread above, said he was about to tamper with things beyond his consciousness — he never returned. Likewise, Ryan, who said he had pix in his cellphone, suddenly disappeared right when he was about to share them. If you are able to reach the elder gods or the ancient ones, plenty of people will be interested in your report, but no one, except for the unfortunate Pickman, has ever returned.

  32. Abdul-qawey Says:

    a u du billahi mish-shaitanir- rajim

    • Nigurepur Says:

      Allah from Satan Alrgimoaoz

    • Nijma Says:

      Abdul-qawey is apparently invoking the Ta’awwudh, part of the Moslem Saleh (prayer) that says:

      أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

      meaning “I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan.” This would probably work quite well for Moslems who are familiar with the prayer, but a non-Moslem seeing an apparition would probably be quite stressed out and find it too hard to remember.

      The word bismallah بسمالله –“in the name of Allah”–is said to be protection against all sorts of supernatural things, including seeing a djinn, and would probably be much easier to remember in a pinch.

  33. sam Says:

    if anyone has anything has anything of note to say, please do. i have read this whole thread and it seems that there is not much here other than ppl saying ‘there was this one time at band camp….’ and on the other hand ppl who claim to know about ancient rituals and spells, which quite obviously can never be truly understood (in the modern world) as their were meant in their old dialects and belief systems of those eras. please continue the discussion but back it up with proof. and to those self proffessed masters of the occult, stick your tarot cards in your sun god and please dont spread your disease at the expence of emotionally vunerable ppl (just because you found a fake copy of the necromicon or bought a crappy spell book when you broke up with your gf/bf). now lets have a serious discussion

  34. Nasafure Says:

    If anyone wants to talk about “Real” magick and the occult send me a message. Yes there are many book of false hope. But you must look for the true passages, they are out there and can lead you to the true magick. In the old days anything that was not understood was considered evil and there for many true books of magick were lost but not forgotten. One thing most people don’t understand is that not every Tom Dick and Hairy is meant to be a worker of magick. Most people can not work real magick and there for think its not real or that its evil. I am always up for talking about Magick and my own personal experiences. I have done many spells.

  35. Deagon Halloway Says:

    through my lifes travels ive seen many things and done many things. not all have been able to be explained. i guess thats what drives me. ive seen ghosts from time to time and was jump started in the back of an ambulance in 1998 after i died in a motorcycle wrech. ive been through alot of other shit i really dont see how i made through and walked away from. i found a book my mom was writing about me a few years back that had many things like around full moons growing up i would get more crazy or strange things would happen. ive had death around all my life but as time had gone on i started not to be so affraid of the things i saw or could hear. ive never been one for being the center of attention or having alot of friends and always found myself alone in woods or old abandone farm houses in the middle of nowhere where i found most of the unexplained things ive encountered. by nature my body prefers the night hours, also seems to be the time of day i have most power to do things. im 28 and a nocturnal witch now for 10 years married in wiccan hand binding to a 3rd generation witch 7yrs ago. gettin off the point here!, wich is that with all the things through my life ive heard stories of the necronomicon and 5yrs ago met a satanist in a small kansas town who i had brought it up in conversation with. long story short he had given me a full copy of the necronomicon and warned me that what lay inside not be taken lightly with a look of frightned i could see in his eyes and on his face. i have kept the book in animal skin bound by red cord to keep it closed from any (accidental openings) as my wife didnt like that i even had it. i had some what scimed over it before wraping it years back to see what all it held and in fact has full incantations multiple doorways to cross through in differant rituals to progress yourself deeper into the other relms and some (saftey) spells to help you and help keep some kind of control over the things that will come through the doors you open and the endings of the rights with sending the summond back and (closing the door behind you!!!!!!!) now ive reached a point in my life where ive got nothin to loose again and have reopened the book! today actually 9-23-2010 and set forth in tryin to track down what i could find out about it on the internet to try and weed out if this was a hoax copy or a more realistic one. have learned of the history of the first by Abdul Alhazred in 730ad to its travels throgh differant hands through time even wondering how it made its way when it shouldnt have. but then you gotta think, Abdul was made to bring it about by the elders through time they would have made other avenues to keep there doors opened such as copys poping up in places outside of a danger zone to try and seek shelter till a time comes when like the great states have done, made a zillion copys and sell them all over. the copy of Lovecrafts is said to be a hoax of mostly his own writings and the book of the law by Alister Crawley well from what ive heard of that alot of teachings arrived from the book of the dead and he wanted to clame to be the one who wrote it. the copy i have is in fact a copy of Simon! with old text still in Maqlu and english translation and some that is unable to be translated. in the begining is a testimony by Abdul of the things he’s seen over the years of owning the Three Seals of Masshu. what im getting at is im now going to open the first of seven gates. the gate of Nanna, called sin. to do so i must prep in the exact ways it states of me so this wont just be an over night thing but its the lack of response you seem to get from others who try that again sparks my intrest and i’ll let you know how it goes!

  36. Nijma Says:

    the copy i have is in fact a copy of Simon! with old text still in Maqlu and english translation and some that is unable to be translated.

    There is a copy of something in Maglu here:
    but it looks like a transliteration of something, not the original or a translation.
    Whatever it is, here is an English translation that looks parallel:
    There is a translation of a small portion of the Simon Necronomicon here:

    The Simon Necronomicon appears to be based on Knut Tallqvist’s 1895 edition with German translation

    This might be it, if so, it’s an earlier version:
    More can be found on google books by doing a search for Knut Tallqvist.

    Here’s a description of the ritual:

    and here:

    The Simon Necronomicon itself is widely available on Amazon:

  37. Nigurepur Says:

    Deagon Halloway>
    It´s almost impossible to gather the ingredients for making these rituals nowdays. May take many years. And some things you probably won´t find at all :/
    Have some on them thou, just send me a PM and we´ll see if I can send some to ya.

  38. hackmagic Says:

    you guys make me laugh. I’ve tried all kinds of this stuff and it always ends the same. No better…. No worse. And definately no gods manifesting themselves. But if it gives you purpose in life, go for it. I still think you’re all retarded!! L O f***in L!

    ***edited —N

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