What’s your sign?

horoscope-button-largeEvery once in a while it’ s fun to do a bit of navel-gazing.

I have long been a fan of the playful insight of Bob Brezsny’s horoscopes at freewillastrology.com. Hopefully my new horoscope widget button for his site link does justice to the complexity of the kind of thought that can only take place in symbols.

Here’s my horoscope for this week:

Kenneth Koch wrote the poem “The Boiling Water.” Read this excerpt: “A serious moment for the water is when it boils / And though one usually regards it merely as a convenience / To have the boiling water available for bath or table / Occasionally there is someone around who understands / The importance of this moment for the water — maybe a saint, / Maybe a poet, maybe a crazy man, or just someone temporarily disturbed / With his mind ‘floating,’ in a sense, away from his deepest / Personal concerns to more ‘unreal’ things.” In the weeks ahead, Gemini, I encourage you to be one of those crazy floaters — someone who tunes in to the serious moments that are normally outside your personal concerns. You need a strong dose of the hidden reality behind the obvious reality.

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  1. catsden Says:

    Thanks for the link to my Horoscope. I like his approach.

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