Four-minute Arab lunch

Can’t take time to cook? This lunch took exactly four minutes to prepare, including washing and drying the bowls. Before and after: hummus with sumac (from the bagged spice section of the Arab store–or you can skip this part) sprinkled on the top, sage tea (ordinary black tea bag and sage leaves), cracked green olives, frozen pita bread (defrosted in toaster oven), and labna (middle eastern style thick yogurt). Put the water on to boil and pop the bread in the toaster oven while you put everything else in the bowls.   To eat, break off pieces of the bread and use it to scoop up the hummus and labna. A small bowl is for olive pits. The tea, with meremiah (Jordanian sage) and sugar, needs to sit for a few minutes before drinking from an everyday Arab casset shai (tea glass).  Zacky!


If you put it on a tray you can carry it to put on the floor, so all your bedouin friends can sit with their farshas in a circle on the floor and eat family style from the same dish, or you can put it beside your computer to eat with all your imaginary blog friends.

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