JenniforHillary Interview Transcript

isiah-carey-500pxThe following is a transcript of an interview by Isiah Carey for Insite Houston News and Information with JenniforHillary posted 10/22/08.  (The video of this interview is the one that was photoshopped by Wonkette and Rumproast but quickly taken down after Pumapac and the Confluence wrote about it.)

This appears to be a hostile interview. The camera zooms in and out wildly during the whole thing and at the end the questioner does not address the issues raised but merely labels them “emotional”. I have tried to show the camera movement in the transcript. [See more Carey on video here (NSFW-language) and here harassing coworkers behind the scene while live on camera by recording them on his cellphone.]

Isiah Carey: Tell me your situation. You have McCain and Palin posters there (camera zooms out) or billboards and you said you were a  (camera zooms in) Democrat only a couple of months ago (closeup shot of face)

JenniforHillary: Yeah (crosstalk)

Isiah Carey: What happened?

JenniforHillary:  What happened was Hillary Clinton won the primary but the Democrats decided that they didn’t like her (camera zooms out quickly) and wanted Barack Hussein Obama so they (camera zooms in) fiddled with the votes in Florida and Michigan and then (quick zoom to closeup) they strongarmed people at the convention and I’m a member of Puma, People United  Means Action,

Isiah Carey: Um Hum.

JenniforHillary: …and we’re making a documentary (camera zooms out) about it and we had people there and we filmed it.  They had Barack Hussein Obama people on every delegate.  They wanted to know the minute they got to the convention who they were voting for. They strong armed people, they told them if  we’re going to run somebody against you where you live, it was the worst Democratic fascist situation I have ever in my life heard of, and it happened in Denver, this year.  That is why I stopped being a Democrat.

Isiah Carey: One thing is clear that you’re constantly using the middle name Hussein. What are you trying to do by using that middle name?

JenniforHillary: I don’t like the fact that he’s running an alleged transparent campaign, yet we can’t talk about him, (camera zooms out quickly) We’re not allowed to talk about Reverend Wright, we’re not allowed to talk about Reverened Otis,  (camera reaches maximum far distance and quickly zooms back in) we’re not allowed to talk about Reverend Pflager, we’re not allowed to talk about Michelle Obama’ s college thesis, we’re not allowed to talk about his middle name, we’re not allowed to talk about anything. Well, that doesn’t sound very transparent to me.  You know we’re not allowed to know where his hundreds of millions of dollars are coming in from, we’re not allowed to talk about anything or we’re called a racist.  And I have spent my life (camera begins zooming out)  fighting for civil rights in this country. I am the furthest thing from a racist. I’m American. (camera begins zooming in).

Isiah Carey: You’re getting very emotional about this . (camera zooming in)

JenniforHillary: I am emotional, I , you know, what happened in Florida and Michigan happened.  In other countries people would have revolted in the streets. In other countries people are dying to have  what we have here, which is a democracy where every person’s vote counts equally. And it seems like this year we’ve just forgotten the importance, (camera stops movement) ….if a vote doesn’t count as a vote, that’s the cornerstone of our democratic country, we’ve lost our country.  a viote has to count.  If it doesn’t count, we’re not a democracy (camera zooms out suddenly).  Florida and Michigan (camera pans down to McCain/Palin rally sign) were a travesty (camera zooms in suddenly) an absolute travesty.

Isiah Carey:  (camera tight shot to face) Former Democrat, now independent, give me your full name.

isiah-carey-publicity-shotJenniforHillary:  [ name]

Isiah Carey: Thank you ma’am.

JenniforHillary: Thank you.


UPDATE: Not sure why this post has gathered so much attention in the last two days, but the photoshopped picture from this video is still online, along with two pages of comments ridiculing her for her weight at :

The video was online for a while at the now defunct started by “johnd” at

For a transcript of the interview with JenniforHillary and PumaPAC’s Darraugh Murphy, see here.

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