JenniforHillary Radio Transcript

The following is a transcript of an interview between Jenniforhillary and Darragh Murphy of Puma PAC on KPFT November 13, 2008. The first call-in listener is also on the transcription.

JenniforHillary: Hello, first of all I want to thank KPFT for giving me the opportunity to speak tonight. My name is Jennifer and I am an American. I have always voted for the Democratic party, but this year something happened. In the general election, the democratic party lost its way.  Instead of encouraging one of the finest candidates ever to run, who happened to be a woman, the national Democratic party told Hillary Rodham Clinton to quit. They told her to quit when she was winning and they told her to quit when she was losing. The Democratic national party and the media told her this over and over and over, describing her and her following, which numbered over eighteen million Americans in terms that were misogynistic and downright unAmerican. they kept telling us to vote for Barack Obama,  but they never really told me why.  In the end, even though Hillary Rodham Clinton had more people vote for her than any candidate ever in the history of the United States of America, I was told that Barack Obama won.  Because my mother raised a smart girl, I decided not to believe them and I found P.U.M.A.  The day after Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign speech in Washington D.C. From that day on, my life will never be the same.  Puma started fighting that day, and will never stop fighting, until the massive media fraud, voter registration and actual voting fraud, delegate selling, the lying,   and the misogyny are exposed and ended.  I probably voted a straight Republican ticket this year and I’m now both independent and P.U.M.A.  I am very concerned about the lack of democracy and the dumbing down of the American voter, and because of this I have asked Darragh Murphy, the founder of P.U.M.A. to speak tonight on KPFT and tell us about her group, and what PUMA plans to do to save America.  I would like to introduce Darragh Murphy.

Murphy: Hi, Jenni, can you hear me?

Jenni: I can hear you.

Murphy: Oh, good.  Thank you so much for doing this and for inviting me to join you tonight.

Jenni: You’re very  welcome.

Murphy: And that was a very heartfelt, as always, introduction from you, and I don’t know if we have a plan to save America, Jenn, but, um, we are trying to help things.  I don’t know, do you think there are a lot of people like you who have watched the election and the earlier campaign, do you think there are people who are disturbed, and distraught, and wondering what’s going on:

Jenni: Yes, I can speak for Houston, Texas. My job keeps me in the public eye and I can tell you that I see people wandering looking lost, I’ve even seen grown men with tears in their eyes, I think know something’s bothering them, they know something is very wrong, but they don’t know what to do. That’s why I wanted you to come tonight and tell us, what is PUMA doing, how can they get involved, what can they do to help America?

Murphy: Well, the first thing people can do is visit our website, which is at, our name, it’s a funny name, but our name stands for People United Means Action, and the PAC part stands for [4:00] Political Action Committee, which is what we are, organized with the federal elections commission, and all… and all that stuff, and just to back up a little bit, if you don’t mind, Jenni,  we organized back on June third, right before Senator Clinton suspended–and I know she was really popular in Texas, and not even getting into your primaries and caucuses there in Texas , but I know there are so many Democrats in Texas who supported Senator Clinton. I imagine that Democrats and listeners out there probably remember how it was for her at the end of the primary when we realized that, holy smokes, that the Democrat National Committee  was gonna take the results of the primary and everything and they were gonna select the nominee and that’s what motivated me to start PumaPAC, that the Obama campaign’s more than a campaign, Jenni, It’s… by the time…March April that ‘s when I woke up and realized it was a movement, that it was kind of a scary thing inside the Democratic party, it had always been divisive, um,  but by the time we got to March of April I felt like we needed a counter movement, we needed something inside the Democratic party that could fight against, like you said, the misogyny, and things that have come out since then that [5:30] were really pretty scary in terms of suppression of freedom of speech,  and in terms of bullying tactics, and not counting votes, that’s how I started PumaPAC and…

Jenni:  Murphy, can I interrupt for a second?

Murphy: Of course.

Jenni: You’re talking specifically regarding the Michigan Florida debacle?

Murphy: Um hmm. Yes.

Jenni: I think a lot of people don’t even realize what happened.  Sum it up for us; what happened in Michigan and Florida?

Murphy:  Well, Michigan and Florida, back in the… now we’re going way, way back before the primaries had even started, Michigan and Florida were competing with other states in order to make their primaries more significant, and I don’t even understand all the details of all of it, but Michigan and Florida scheduled their primaries outside of the rules of the DNC calendar, and in Michigan I think there were some shenanigans, but in Florida it was a real tragedy because I believe that it was a Republican controlled legislature in Florida that changed the calendar for the Democratic primary…

Jenni:  Yes.

Murphy: … so it wasn’t even the Democrats in Florida who got themselves in trouble, it was the Republican party that was doing shenanigans to get the Democratic party in trouble. So anyway, the Democratic in Florida and Michigan primaries were outside of the DNC approved calendar, and all of this stuff is terribly boring and contentious, but the fact is that people in Florida and Michigan, democrats in Florida and Michigan went to the polls on the day of their primary and they voted; they voted for whoever they wanted to vote for,. There was some silliness in Michigan about Obama taking his name off of the ballot. The end result was the democratic party decided to punish the voters in Florida and Michigan and not count their votes in the primaries..and they had the right to do it, which is what the Obama campaign always claimed, because political parties aren’t a branch of the government, they’re not governed by the constitution, they’re similarly run to an Elk’s club or a private club so they can do whatever kind of rules they want to, but that only flies so much, because  when I go to vote in the Democratic primary I don’t think of it as much different from any other kind of election and I want my vote to count. [8:00]

Jenni:  Right. ‘Cause that’s the American way.

Murphy: Yeah. When you go in to vote, then you think your vote should count.  So the people in Florida and Michigan they were disenfranchised, and when you vote in a primary what happens is whoever wins the primary, that sate, that state’s delegates are assigned to one or the other candidate , so the whole delegate count thing is complicated, so going into the Democratic convention in August, Clinton was only behind by I think seventeen delegates, really the closest in any kind of party history going into a convention like that, and the fact that the American people don’t even know that is a tragedy.

Jenni: Yes, and I think that the thing that upset me too was that they then used exit polling to divide people’s votes

Murphy: Yup.

Jenni: …according to alleged voting practice. This is not America, a vote has to count, and that’s what really alerted my to some very undemocratic tendencies in the Democratic party also and I know, I don’t want to interrupt…

Murphy: Oh, please do.

Jenni:  I’m just going to put in my …one of the things that really upset me…one of the things…was you know, Jesse Jackson ran as a Democratic contender for …a couple years ago,

Murphy: Twenty-seven years ago

Jenny: …but God bless him, he tried, and not once did the Democratic national party ever  ask him to quit; they never felt that he was divisive or hurting the party.  In fact, if I remember correctly they allowed a full roll call vote at the convention that year, and it really strikes me as unbelievably misogynistic for the democratic party to not give Hillary Clinton, to not have given her the same right.   In the Michigan-Florida thing, asking her to quit, was when my ears perked up,  and I said this does not smell right to me, and the thing that capped it most of all , or I wouldn’t even say most of all [10:00] was when the DNC shut their offices and moved them to Chicago to be part of Obama’s complex.

Murphy: Right.

Jenny:  And I wondered to myself, he hasn’t even won the primary, and yet they’re already moving their office into his office, do they know something I don’t, and that’s what drew me to Puma and I know we’ve got callers Murphy, but I want you to talk, even if you can give us five minutes, tell us, tell the public about what Puma has done, because I think you’re a miracle worker.

Murphy:  Oh, my goodness. Thanks, Jenny. Well, we’ve been, like you said, you’ve been with us since day one Jenni, you’ve been working, before the convention in August we’ve been working to alert the superdelegates–I have to praise Texas because the Clinton supporters–not just Clinton supporters–I’m from Massachusetts, and I’ve only been in the airport at Dallas/Fort Worth so I’m not all that familiar with Texas, but I’ve met a lot of Texas Pumas. In Texas they understand the idea, they have a sort of basic connection  with the constitution or basic ideas of one person one vote, and when things don’t smell right they are not afraid to stand up and…

Jenni: Yes.

Murphy: …argue against it, but one thing that we did was try to alert the superdelgates. If people are familiar with the Democratic party minutiae, that the superdelgates ended up deciding the selection, so we ended up sending what 2000 emails to superdelegates asking them to respect the will of their voters, we shut down the what do you call it the switchboard at the DNC

Jenni: That was great, Murphy.

Murphy: yeah, that ‘s the really great thing about Puma is that it’s the new sort of model of political action. What we try to do is get as many people to join in on our prowls, which are citizen actions, which mean either sending a fax, making a phone call, what we’re trying to get people to member what it means to be an American citizen, and what it means to be an American citizen is to hold your representatives accountable, so don’t be afraid to call them up on the phone, and don’t be afraid to send them a letter, and if we all do it together from all across the country then I think people will listen, and our motto or tagline is “the voice of the voters” and that’s what I think has been lost in the last 25, 30 years, is at this point, the political parties, we’re just an afterthought, we just don’t matter.  They decide what they’re going to do in their big campaign strategy rooms, and the voters don’t even count, it’s eerie, but in the Democratic party we don’t even count in fact, they’re not even going to necessarily count our votes.

Jenni:  Exactly [13:00] exactly, and you know, I want to mention for everyone, once again the website of Puma is, because if you’re like me, if you’re frustrated, if you’re upset and concerned about America, I tell you, if I did not have this website to go to, if I did not surround myself with active thinking people, who are willing to fight for the constitution and the bill of rights in America, I don’t know what I would do, I really, I can’t thank you enough, and we have so many callers. Can we take a caller, Murphy?

Murphy:  Sure.

Jenni:  How about Juliet, she’s been holding for seven minutes.

Juliet:  Hi Murphy, can you hear me?

Murphy:  Hi, Juliet how are you?

Juliet: Good, I could be better if we had a different president–president elect– but I think we have to be forward-looking and take some real hard looks about the policies that he’s proposing that will be very damaging to America (crosstalk)

Jenni: What are you concerned about Juliet?

Juliet: Deeply concerned about instituting a mandatory civil defense training camp for all Americans. I’ll be interested to see Bill Ayers’ interview on Good Morning America tomorrow morning. You know I guess this is the kind of training that we can see young people in America learning from people like Bill Ayers, no, we can’t let it happen.

Jenni:  No, we can’t.

Juliet:, we can’t let it happen, but I wouldn’t this administration because this [15:00] president elect Obama was selected by a willful ignorance, people in our party who would just not see him for what he was, and when you present them with facts, when you present them with the evidence of what his philosophies are, what his ideology is, they won’t see it for what it is.

Jenni: Well, don’t you think that the college students who elected him, don’t you think they’re going to be upset when they realize they’re going to have to be part of a civilian army  and hundreds of hours a month of service ? I don’t think that’s going to fly with them.

Juliet:  Well they could be upset, but what can you do about it when he’s the commander in chief? They can be upset all they want, but you know he is the elected commander in chief, I mean when I see him going in and getting briefed on issues of national security I get chills, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I mean with his first meeting with George Bush, all things were leaked to the press, this is outrageous..

Jenni: I want to invite all of those college students to join , because you know, remember the Boston tea party?  All it takes…because we are Americans. Our government, we elect them to govern, not rule, and if we don’t like what they’re doing, we can let them we can let them know, so it’s not ever, so if all of these college students listening are worried about your hundreds of hours wearing brown shirts, come to Pumapac

Juliet:  And red berets.

Jenni:  We have so many people waiting. Can we take another call?

Juliet:  Sure, and thank you Murphy.

Jenni: …and let’s go to John

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