Who is reading this?

Here is a website that will tell you who is reading your blog.

Quantcast is a new breed of audience service, focused on helping buyers and sellers quantify the real-time characteristics of digital media consumers against which they can activate addressable advertising solutions. Quantcast provides publishers, marketers and agencies unmatched capabilities to measure, organize, discover and transact based on directly-measured traffic and inferred audience data.

Inferred audience data, huh.  So who do they infer is reading my blog? Here is the chart for http://www.camelsnose.wordpress.com.

The information is a bit counter intuitive.   A percentage is given, then a number that compares your blog with the internet average.


So in the above graph, the readership–the inferred readership–is 54% male and 46% female. But on the scale of 100, it’s skewed to male readership at 109 in comparison to the rest of the blogosphere. I’m also amazed to find that there are so many younger people reading me.  I claim to be child-friendly, but a full 10% of readers–inferred readers?– are under the age of 17, and many more are younger than me.  I also draw a readership that has a higher percentage of ethnic minorities than other blogs, readers with no kids, and, ahem, less affluent readers.  Only 52% of my readers make more than $60K. At least my readers are more educated than is typical.  People who visit me are also more likely to visit science and nature blogs, or political blogs.  In spite of spending the majority of my blogging time on educational/university related blogs, my educational readership comes in at sixth place compared with other interests.  Every month I get 3,782 page hits form the U.S. and 5,756 from abroad.  32% of my readers are regulars and 68% are just passing by.  My rank equivalent is 463,713, whatever that means.

I have no idea what all of this means, but I do find it interesting. I suppose that blogs with advertising might find a more practical use for it.


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  1. Helen Hunt Says:

    They have been around for a while now. But I still can’t trust their statistics because a few months back, I compared their result with Google Analytics, and was surprised to see inconsistencies.

    My blog gets reasonable traffic, but their report was way more than what google reported. Nonetheless, I think it still helps to see how your traffic is performing.

    Nice blog by the way :)

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