Combat cabin fever, become a flower

With a continuing fever, I’m not in the mood for too much thinking.  This just fits the bill.  It’s a questionaire that will help you determine what kind of flower you are. The questions aren’t too much work, and it’s not as annoying as it sounds, especially if your energy level is low.  Here’s one:

Your workspace looks like:
I haven’t seen my desk in over a year.
The paper volcano just erupted
There is enough open space for your coffee cup and a few essentials
There are a few papers waiting to be filed.
Hermetically Sealed

snapdragon1After you answer the questions you get to find out what kind of flower you are.  And you know it has to be true because it’s on the InterToobs.

You Are a Snapdragon

“Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh.”

Oh, joy. You can even put it on your website’s sidebar if you want to give them eternal link happiness.

botanical-print-carrotThe site will also give you links to interesting things like how to make dandelion wine, or if February is giving you a touch of cabin fever, their regular gardening blog, which looks pretty good, and will tell you stuff like how to make a free botanical print (from wikimedia’s open source Curtis’s Botanical Magazinebotanical search, orchid search Edwards’ Botanical Register, or Leonardo  da Vinci drawings) or it will guide you to the last 60-some episodes of Pinky and the Brain.

If this sounds way too boring, and you have not yet fallen victim to the latest flu bug, you can always go stretch your vocabulary and feed the world through a U.N. agency, by playing a few rounds of Free Rice.


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    Thanks for the dandelion link!

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