Sleipnir on Gotland Stones

Very interesting graphics of Odin’s eight legged horse Sleipnir appear on Gotland picture stones. (This post continues a discussion inspired by thread at LH; previous posts  here and here) .

img_3406-gotland-tangelgarde-stoneOne of these Sleipnirs was reported to be too difficult to enlarge in the original that I posted. (A Sleipnir that looks like a piece of grilled cheese?!?) Here is another, (the small one on the right, as usual, click to enlarge), with two more detailed cropped pictures derived from the first (below) , but I suspect the limits have been reached with this particular photograph.  The stone is identified as from Tangelgårde in the north of Gotland.

gotland-tangelgarde-stone-1 gotland-tangelgarde-stone-2

Several of these stones are described by Gwyn Jones in A History of the Vikings |Amazon|.  Jones identifies the stones as Ardre VIII, Lärbro I, Klinte Hunninge I |Google Books excerpt from Jones describing Sleipnir on Gotland stones|. It’s not clear whether the third stone in the list has any Sleipnir images, probably not or he would have said so, but he says all three stones are ones with widely available photographs.

Here is the stone Jones calls Lärbro I, which has irregularities that look so much like the Tangelgårde stone that it must be the same one.

img_3403-gotland-larbro-stone gotland-larbro-stone-1
On Sleipnir’s back is supposed to be a dead man.  I’m trying to see what is on Sleipnir’s nose–a feedbag? Surely nothing so pedestrian. A raven–maybe Huginn or Muninn? A flaw in the stone? Horns, like Aundumla, the cow at the beginning of time?   The other horse should give a good guideline for how the artist liked to portray horse noses. Other horses, actually. There is a horse in the frame below and one in the frame above–with wings.  Might this be the Wild Hunt? That activity was associated with Odin, last time I checked.

img_3403-gotland-larbro-stone1-reverse img_3403-gotland-larbro-stone1

img_3403-gotland-larbro-stone2-reversed img_3403-gotland-larbro-stone2

Here’s a nice image of the Tängvide Stone with the contemporary red paint added. And an image of the Ardre VIII stone.  These are the two stones identified in Wikipedia as having Sleipner’s image. Here is an online version of the third stone, the  Lärbro I/Tangelgårde stone.

sleipner51cwt-on-wht-rev1 sleipner51cwhtonwht1

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