From Russia with Spam

A few weeks ago I peeked in my spam filter and saw a bunch of foreign language spam all in Russian. Why me?  I had posted some comments on a blog with Russian language excerpts–maybe that was it.  So I posted another comment and asked if everyone else was getting a lot of Russian spam.  No, they all get spam, they said, but in different languages, not just  Russian.

For some time now I have been translating the Russian bon mots with the help of Google Translate, and if I like them I set them free onto the blog with their links neutered. For some reason they like my post E-Arabs; nothing could be more off-topic–it’s about blogging in the Middle East.

russian-spam2Now, just overnight, there are 38 new spam comments, 16 of them in Russian. The screenshot  on the right shows a bunch of them in my spam filter with the identifying information blocked out. (click to enlarge)  Several of them have the identical message, although with different user names. Looking closer, most of those different user names come from the same IP address. So quite a few of those messages are from the same person, or at least the same building.  Most of the messages are obviously spam but a few of them look like legitimate blogs.

The most interesting message so far has been from a Russian horoscope website that gave me a very interesting prediction for January and February:

The cluster of planets in the house of extreme situations, said that the Twins will find SuperDuper way to celebrate the beginning of the year, almost two months, Venus gives them a powerful seksapil and, of course, an unforgettable adventure.

I had forgotten all about the prediction, until a few days ago someone named HP left a series of amazing comments on a thread that resonated so strongly I instinctively typed “HP, marry me.”  Oh dear, what did I do?

Now there is no one on earth more cautious about internet strangers or for that matter more paranoid than I am,  and I certainly have ample experience in detecting and deflecting mere booty calls, but could this be more than a fun intellectual romp though the blogosphere?  Perhaps my “seksapil”– this does mean “sex appeal”, doesn’t it?–is not in myself but in my stars, and a true adventure is about to unfold.  Let’s hope this gets interesting.

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