Hubcap has a posse


Hupcap the Fighter: Small. Brave. Puma-hearted.

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  1. StrangeAppar8us Says:

    My understanding was that Hubcap is a charming, self-aware feline who is uninclined to blame everyone else on Earth for her own deficiencies and inadequacies, or whine about the quantum randomness of Fate.

    Hubcap is certainly not a PUMA. PUMAs are a gripe in search of an object, a tantrum awaiting a trigger, a deep well of proud ignorance, masquerading as working-class wisdom.

    Please do not insult a lovely and courageous cat by comparing her to a gaggle of disenchanted ratbags who love their victimhood like a wino loves Night Train.

  2. StrangeAppar8us Says:

    Seriously, what is your own deep, personal emptiness? What is it that fuels your need to debase yourself, and embrace a victim role?

    Don’t you get enough abuse from your Republican PUMA pals who think you’re a terrorist sympathizer? Or does the hatred of others energize you?

    I don’t mean to pry, I’m just fascinated. You operate a blog that has no natural affinity audience other than “Nijma.” You associate with scoundrels who detest you, you take pride in sharing a phantom sense of persecution that cheapens your individual accomplishments and personal integrity, and you pick fights with people against whom you are so intellectually overmatched that squeamish observers are forced to avert their eyes.

    I just don’t get it. The literature of psychopathology is brimming with people who invite — nay, thrive — on humiliation. But you seem to utterly exult in being used, mocked, embarrassed, exposed and abandoned.

    I am not known for my empathy or generosity of spirit. But even I weep at how damaged, how hurt, how self-loathing you must be to willingly participate in Darragh Murphy’s Circus of Fools…and what a f****ing piece-of-s**** harridan/w**** you must be to drag Kevin K’s sick cat into this conversation.

    I don’t know if you are as fat, ugly, friendless, undesirable and pathetic as JenniforHillary, but you’re trying really hard to eclipse her. Come after me, if you dare, ****ng b****. I’ll even give you my address.

    It never even bothered me that you’re alive, until you brought a sick kitty into this. At that point, all bets are off. You aren’t even human…and I’ll bet the Homeland Security administrator I just emailed will agree.

    You’re a sick f****, Nijma. And I’m beginning to think your PUMA pals are right. Are you REALLY one of us? I wonder…

    ****edited for profanity -N

  3. Nijma Says:

    But what do you really think, “Strange”. Or should I say Robert Ching.

    Still stalking the websites that speak out against domestic violence, I see. Did you stop beating your wife yet?

    And still misrepresenting other peoples’ viewpoints in order to…well, I never did get what that motivation was all about.

    I also missed your defense of Jenniforhillary’s right to privacy and your outrage against your associates’ photoshopping her photo with a disco ball on her head and misquoting her with a defamatory poster.

    Totalitarian art isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For anyone else like Strange who missed the above post’s reference to Andre the Giant, here it is. According to guerrilla artist Shepard Fairey:

    I realized that a lot of people didn’t know what it was about…but they liked it because they knew that the conservative people hated it….

    The people who most hate the ‘fascist’ stuff are the people who are most fascist,” says Fairey. “It really p*sses them off…

    I’m not in the least bit surprised that some Rumpsters either don’t understand or don’t appreciate it.

  4. StrangeAppar8us Says:

    Strange, Robert Ching, RunningDogLackey, DickCheney’sLesbianDaughter…I have a name for every occasion, indeed. As do we all.

    Am I stalking anyone? I thought Roasters were invited here. Else why so many blatant lures? Don’t you have any friends?

    Am I lobbying FOR domestic violence? Show me where. Show me how many women you’ve protected from abusive spouses, how many women you’ve rescued from captivity overseas, how many women whose medical bills you’ve paid, how many nights you’ve spent with a woman in Intensive Care, how how many colostomy bags you’ve changed, how many timesd you’ve used a gun or your body to prevent a woman from coming to harm. Show me, Nijma, where you in all your self-absorbed whining have done more for women than I have.

    Are you there, Nijma? Or are you just smoke? I’m waiting.

    Yes, I gave you some shit for taunting Kevin K. by bringing his innocent cat into the crossfire. Which one of us is more depraved and empty?

    As for Jennifer, to what “right to privacy” are you referring? She is proudly and visibly Jennifer B[redacted], the biggest Internet video phenom since the “Star Wars Kid.” Did you see her face at RumpRoast? Was she identified by name? Did they publish her address and home phone? No, no and no. But feel free to be outraged. It’s what you do.

    And who gives a f*uck about the privacy rights of a self-loathing mental case who wants to “shoot the cocks off” men because men are “evil”? In a just world, Jennifer B[redacted] would be wearing a canvas coat with extra-long sleeves. No, wait — in a truly equitable Universe, she would be an organ-farm for transplant-needy Palestinians who’ve been denied treatment by Israeli Hospitals.

    As for all discussions of fascism, I refer you to your PUMA pals, who would be the very first to put you up against the wall, muthahfuckah, in the unlikely event that their bizarre ideology and raging insecurities were suddenly transmuted into Law.

    Oh, and in the future, consider addressing the immediate questions, rather than tossing out a bevy of straw-men and distractions. You’ll score points for honesty, and present yourself as much less of a coward than you are.

    *name of a troubled, non-public figure redacted, I have added the bold.

  5. Nijma Says:

    I just want to acknowledge that Robert Ching’s (or Strangappar8tus?) last comment on this thread is caught in the spam filter, but I don’t have time right now to sort it out. I know you guys get paid for leaving comments though, so hopefully you will still get your check this week if I say you did your job here.

    Don’t feel bad–one of my comments has been in the fratboyz’ spam filter for over two weeks and no one has even bothered to acknowledge that it’s there. And no, it did not have “more than one” link. I am a co-author on another wordpress blog so I know the claims by the author of the post about not being able to do anything about my comment are bogus. On the wordpress subdomain, the author of a post can remove a comment from moderation, and any author can release any comment from the spam queue.

    Some “dialog”.

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