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wordpress-blog1So your friends want you to start a blog.  And yourself, not so much.  Maybe.  Depending.

A lot of work, right? You have to post regularly and keep thinking of new topics, right? You have to deal with personalities and readers, right?…build up a core of readers who are interested in your topics?

No.  Forget all of that.

You don’t have to do anything.

You don’t have to have any comments at all. You can close comments on individual posts or for the whole blog. You can have just a title page if you want. Some blogs are nothing more than a resume or a collection of frequently used links. Some bloggers post once a month, others even less, and some just post pictures.  Their  blogrolls are gold mines for the right enthusiasts and the blogs serve as an introduction to the person’s way of looking at the world.

Okay, so you’re convinced.  You want your own blog.  What do you do? First you need a domain name. There are several blogging services that will give you a free one. Blogspot and Livejournal are popular, but the best one is WordPress. You can do a lot with their format and it’s very intuitive. The utilities for dealing with images are very easy to use and they give you enough space to upload almost limitless photographs. The only drawbacks to WordPress are 1) You can’t use your blog for commercial purposes (like Google ads). 2) If someone views your blog with Internet Explorer, they may see it with ads that WordPress puts there.   Still, I like WordPress better than the others.  Or, if you want to spend money, you can get your own domain.

goat-blog2If I had a friend, purely hypothetical of course, who wanted to do a quick blog that would give him an identity page to link to and make his friends deliriously happy, I would recommend a WordPress blog. This type of blog is totally free and could have anything in it from goats to architecture to cruise ship lavatories to just photographs.  Did I mention goats?

How to get started?  Go to and register for a blog.  You will need a unique name that no one else has. If you want to blog anonymously you might also want to set up a separate email account just to register, so your real email address isn’t visible if you comment on a blog with the wordpress format.

toilet-ajp toilet-ajpc

2 Responses to “Starting a blog”

  1. A.J.P. Crown Says:

    I admit this looks pretty interesting, but I’m too tired to read it now. I’ll take a look again tomorrow. Thanks, Nij. What are those things that look like shotgun cartridges you’ve got as essential goat herding equipment? The blonde woman has let her goat climb a tree. That is her first mistake. Don’t let them get in the trees and you won’t have to get them down again.

  2. Nijma Says:

    You’re being a terribly good sport about this, AJP. If you don’t want to start any blog I will totally understand.

    Not shotgun cartridges. The only thing I know about herding goats is Pan and the satyrs. I wanted a photo that symbolized goats in some way as an example of a post, so I snapped one of a small Peruvian panpipe. I’m sure if you decided to blog about goats, you would do a much better job.

    That’s not a blonde woman, it’s me. It’s not my goat either; it belongs to Fatma. And it’s not really in a tree–I was trying to crop the picture so I wouldn’t look fat. I just found more photos of the goats, they are here.

    I have never seen a goat in a tree. Do they really do that?

    These are not particularity good looking goats, in my opinion. Some of the Jordanian goats are gorgeous, with very striking dark brown and white markings.

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