Puma Man Mystical Icons

pumaman-chest-logo1Ah, a new Puma icon. Puma Man is a totally camp super hero flick from the 80’s.  Here is a trailer in English, an Italian promo, and a ten-page plot description.  Not much here for plot, but there are some definite possibilities in the sartorial and iconology departments.

Apparently the real hero is not Puma Man, but an Aztec shaman who discovers Puma Man’s identity by a series of mysterious defenestrations throughout London. Eventually the movie’s namesake, Puma Man is tossed out a window and survives, proving his capability for flying. (And what’s that puma symbol on his chest?)

pumaman-magic-belt-buckle1pumaman-shaman1While Puma Man learns to fly (with the help of the mystical Puma belt buckle), his ams and legs flailing blindly in front of the low budget special effects backdrops, the shaman, dressed in the latest Puma-shaman muscle shirt with mystical designs, keeps kissing his amulet and thanking the Puma Gods, but he still ends up fighting all the bad guys himself single-handedly. It’s another case of “you were the change you were waiting for.”

What is Puma Man doing now? He’s now a medical malpractice lawyer in New York City (altonlawfirm.com).  When the Daily Show did a video about malpractice lawyers in 2005, he was one of the talking heads.

H/TBrad of Rumproast, formerly of PumaPAC, who posted the link at Rumproast on 03/27/09 at 01:36 AM;  honorable mention to ritamaepuma (who posted it 7 minutes later on PumaPAC 03.27.09 at 1:43 am).  They obviously read each others’ material on a minute by minute basis. Sometimes the fights these blogs engage in remind me of religious zealots whose theological points are minutely different from each other in such esoteric ways that they cannot be fathomed by outsiders but who nonetheless persist in fighting each other to the death rather than turn their attention to those at the opposite end of the spectrum or to the social ills they both claim they wish to solve.

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