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goats-grazing-lock-the-gate1Finally, the definitive goat blog!

The goat blog the world has been waiting for was just launched yesterday, but already it has advice about every kind of goat exigency anyone could imagine. What if your goat needs a job? What kind of goat do you need for allergies? And is your goat namby-pamby?

For instance, what about goat politics? In the section on Head Butting, all is explained:

What’s the point of being head goat?  It is mostly about food.  You get first choice of everything while the others just stand back and wait until you are finished.  If there is a catch it is that the other goats are going to be expecting you to stand in front when they come face to face with a panting great dane.

The blogger lives in Norway with his goats and other family members.    Welcome to the blogosphere!


Photo: –the sign (in Norwegian) says “goats grazing, please lock the gate”!

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  1. A. J. P. Crown Says:

    Many thanks for the plug, Nij. You’ve also just given me the idea of videotaping my neighbors, though mine don’t come out very often …

    • Nijma Says:

      I’m pleased to say I’m the first person to link to you. Now you can start to collect google mojo, whatever that’s good for.

      I would recommend filming your neighbors only if you’re desperate and obsessed.

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