Child’s Oración

Just like American children know “Now I lay me down to sleep” by heart, my Mexican students all know this child’s prayer for protection.  It is said on waking up or for sleep. My translation is after the poem.

Angel de mi guarda

Mi dulce compañía

No me desampares

Ni de noche ni de día

No me dejes sólo

Que me perdería.


My guardian angel

My sweet companion

Don’t abandon me

Not by night nor by day

Don’t leave me alone

That I would become lost.

This was dictated to me by my students.
Here is a bonus adult prayer from an amulet for sale by one of the students:
Cuidame aunque no vaya a misa.
Please! [this is the English “please” spelled phonically by Spanish pronunciation rules–“Spanglish”]
Watch over me even if I don’t go to mass.
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