A Martian Painter

Minuit sur le lagon [Midnight on the lagoon]

Midi sur le lagon [Noon at the lagoon]

Siganus Sutor: “From a Martian painter I know.The paintings were done before the picture was taken and I don’t think the photographer saw the paintings before taking his photo. Or maybe he saw them?”

Bleu du fond [Blue background]

Lever du jour, tombé de la nuit [Sunrise, nightfall]

Siganus Sutor: “And there are also these ones. The first one has an extraodinary blue. The two others paintings, “Dawn” and “Dusk”, are much darker but they are interesting, especially when placed next to each other as on this photo (actually they shouldn’t be touching one another).”

I have separated the two paintings with a white line.  The French I managed with Google Translate.  Click on a picture to see it larger.

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