Pullman: World’s Most Perfect Town 1896

The historic Pullman neighborhood at dusk after a freak hailstorm. (Images are clickable.)


pullman2 pullman3

Sometimes the view from the back is more interesting.


pullman7 pullman5 img_3683
(Pullman town architect Solon Spencer) Beman rarely discussed his work, and when he did, he did it laconically. At the opening of one of his buildings in Terre Haute, Indiana, he quoted an architect in Charles Dickens’s Martin Chuzzlewit:

My friends… my duty is to build, not speak; to act, not to talk; to deal with marble, stone and brick, not language.

(Source: Pullman museum website)

According to one of the residents:

We are born in a Pullman house, fed from the Pullman shop, taught in the Pullman school, catechized in the Pullman church, and when we die we shall be buried in the Pullman cemetery and go to the Pullman hell.

(source: about company towns and about the labor movement)


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  1. jamessal Says:

    There’s a nice section on Pullman in Louis Menand’s “The Metaphysical Club” — which AJP and Grumbly both really liked.

    Great pictures.

  2. Nijma Says:

    Thanks, Jamessal. If you haven’t heard Louis Menand on All Things Considered talking about the book, it’s here. I rather liked what I heard of him, in the interview speaking about pragmatism.

    The Metaphysical Club is on google books now too–I’m going to have to come back to it. I didn’t realize you can do a search within the book for keywords.

  3. jamessal Says:

    Thanks for the link, Nijma! I enjoyed that. I’m a big fan of Robert Siegel. Love his political interviews.

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