Tent Blogging

Last night pulling into the campground there were so many twists and turns of the road that I lost my sense of direction. The Big Dipper appeared to point to the pole star in the west. And this morning the sun looked like it was coming up in the north.Picture 012

I’m still getting used to my new netbook, but so far it is perfect for a tent, especially the 6-cell battery that’s supposed to last 4 hours. No WiFi connection in the forest though, so all I can do for now is coax the character map out of its cave and onto the desktop.

Picture 015

A short walk through a stand of huge oak and maple trees brought me to this uninspiring view of Lake Erie:
Picture 020

This last photo is looking north across the lake towards Canada–really, I swear it’s north.


7 Responses to “Tent Blogging”

  1. A. J. P. Crown Says:

    Nice machine. How’s the weather?

    • Nijma Says:

      Hot. And about time too, after that winter we had. The nights are cold though; you can see I have a sweater on even in the morning, but I drove in sandals and a sleeveless shirt.

  2. Catanea Says:

    [redacted]. You’ve got a new computer, so there’s no point in my pointing out that Photoshop devotés as we are, my husband (who possibly has higher standards) swears by the use of Macintosh’s iPhoto as doing all the FREQUENTLY USED functions of Photoshop faster and better. Photoshop itself (if one has iPhoto) is only for really elaborate professional preparations.

  3. Catanea Says:

    Perhaps you should erase that comment after it is read, as it is politically incorrect. But I assure you I started out very conscientiously not doing anything dodgy, but the attitudes of the suppliers &c. soon “corrupted” me. What is it called? Creative commons? And Linux. And Pirate’s Bay. And…

    • Nijma Says:

      I don’t see any reason to delete anything. One of the advantages of using a pseudonym is being able to say what you think and discuss ideas in a meaningful way.

      • Catanea Says:

        Ah, but it isn’t really an alias chosen to harbour my “anonymity”. Just a way around the fact that my name is common enough that lots of people had already taken it in Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo…It doesn’t take much detective work to find me. So if I ever go blogging I’ll have to dream up something else. But if you think the thought police aren’t on to us…(I imageine ‘bots prowling as in The Matrix for alarm-words) then I don’t mind.

        • Nijma Says:

          Since you’re triggered my rampant paranoia, I shall delete it, but I think I remember someone else making the same comment not too long ago.

          If you haven’t seen Irfanview, it’s free and can be quite useful (screenshots, rotate picture, special effects, etc.). Or you can right click on a picture then open it with Paint if you just want to alter a small bit, like an identifying license plate number. Otherwise there are free trial offers of various other photo editing programs, some of them quite good.

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