S’mores and Bedouin Tea

It doesn’t get any better than this.

First, the campground.  For $14, I got a hot shower, a tent spot overlooking a lake, and a stone fireplace pit suitable for cooking. This is Clarksburg State Park in the north west corner of Massachusetts.  Here is the view from my tent door at dusk, with the light  reflecting off the lake.

Clarksburg State Park Massachusetts

Then, in the morning, breakfast in the open air. Teapot with black tea rests on three charcoal brickettes.  The mint is in a small flowerpot in the lower right corner.  I’m roasting a marshmallow on a stick for s’mores.
smores and bedouin tea smore


2 Responses to “S’mores and Bedouin Tea”

  1. Catanea Says:

    My goodness. S’mores for BREAKFAST sounds a bit rich. I hope they went down well. Perhaps you need sustaining while travelling! All your photos are wonderful.

    • Nijma Says:

      Some people would have a Coleman stove with abelskivers frying on one burner and water boiling to wash dishes on the other, and all kinds of syrup, powdered sugar and lingonberries on the side, not to mention Tang to wash it down with. Me, I cook everything on a stick and then burn the plate afterwards.

      I did do a little hiking on the Appalachian Trail later in the day.

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