Birthday Malt

Last week I tasted a single malt scotch for the first time– and in spite of not being a scotch drinker, fell in love.  For my birthday I decided to do further explorations of the single malt scotch world.

Googling for single malts in Chicago, I discovered that major cities do have bars dedicated to the single malt scotch, and Chicago is no exception.  The place to go is the Duke of Perth at 2913 N. Clark.  I left home at about 10:30, but the traffic on north bound Lake Shore Drive was so bad I didn’t get there until 11:30, with another half hour driving around the block on those impossible north side one way streets trying to find parking. Finally by midnight the crowds were beginning to thin out and I had secured a place to park less than a block away.

I had really worked up an appetite looking for that parking spot, and realizing it had been four or five hours since my last meal, I thought a snack was in order to lay down a good base for the evening’s exertions.  Unfortunately the kitchen was closed and there was nothing whatsoever to eat–no peanuts, no goldfish crackers, and certainly  not the old Chicago standby,  Tombstone ndividual frozen pizza.

The staff had some sushi behind the bar they were sharing with each other, and I was reminded of all the places in the world you can sit at the bar and order food from the place down the street.  Not here.

But I didn’t come to eat, I came for the scotch, especially wanting to try one of the peaty Islay malts recommeneded by Languagehat.

‘There are several samplers you can order to get a taste of several malts at once and this is what I ordered. For $18 I got three half-ounce samples served in tallish snifter-thingies.  The three peaty malts were Talisker 10 year from Skye (pronounced the way it looks), Caol Ila 18 year from Islay (pronounced cull EE-la), and Laphroig 10 year from Isley (pronounced lə FROIG).

Low battery, to be continued…with the Aberlouer (prounounced aber LAUW er) aged in casks previously used to age sherry.

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