Midsommar Maypole at Bishop Hill

At long last Bishop Hill  has scheduled it’s Swedish Midsommar maypole dance on a Saturday instead of a Friday so that those of us who work on Friday can make the trip after work in time for the festivities. (The traditional Swedish summer solstice was celebrated on June 23, but this year the main celebration will be June 27.)

olof krans bishop hillBishop Hill was a utopian community established by Swedish immigrants in the 1840’s.  It is now maintained by the state of Illinois and is a National Landmark Village, listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Think rhubarb pie, Swedish meatballs, antique shops, concerts in the park, and folk dancing.  The complete schedule is here. Let the summer begin!

Now if only they had camping facilities less than 20 miles away, like maybe at the Colony Bed and Breakfast or the Colony School or (in my dreams) a municipal campground like they have Decorah, Iowa. A long drive in the dark after an exhausting late night barn dance is not something I look forward to.

I will have to settle for Johnson Sauk Trail State Park, which always has plenty of tent spaces in the $10 range, no matter how late you arrive. Yes, I know about Prophetstown State Park, even further away–the “prophet” being Wa-bo-kie-sheik (White Cloud), advisor to chief Black Hawk in the 1830’s.  Prophetstown used to have great tent spots right on the river bank until it was closed by flooding and taken over by mosquitoes.

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2 Responses to “Midsommar Maypole at Bishop Hill”

  1. Erin Says:

    Ok, this is so lame on my part. I mean, the maypole gig sounds great, but really I want a tee-shirt. I just came here from the skreened website. I would love an I heart Cairo tee-shirt. I would love even more an arabic language slogan tee that says “I’m not a terrorist you dumb ass.” I’ll send you my money if you make me my tee-shirt(s). :)

    • Nijma Says:

      Not a lame question at all, but my answer might be lame. I haven’t done t-shirts for ages, and I make literally nothing from the stuff at Skreened. Most of my Arabic language stuff was on Goodstorm, which folded. Swearing at people or calling them names on t-shirts I’m not interested in; it polarizes people and creates bad will for whatever you are trying to promote.

      There is a remote possibility I could in time be motivated to do an “I heart Cairo” design; here’s how “Cairo” is spelled in Arabic:
      and this is “I”
      but right now I’m in the process of moving… What about zazzle.com? They used to have some sort of “create” option along with some merchandise that looked like it was relatively non-exploitative.

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