Snake appears…and disappears

Three years ago the blind guy who took care of the yard and did all the electrical moved out and I started taking care of the property. That means lots of water, grass seed, and Miracle Gro. That’s about the time the snake first appeared in the yard, curled up under a flat of freshly watered perennials.

Today when I went to mow the lawn I checked to see if the toad had returned to its spot on lawn. Instead, I saw the disappearing tail of a snake. When I returned with a camera, the snake was nowhere to be found, so I started mowing. Then the toad appeared, hopping along the sidewalk. A few moments later the snake, who had disappeared in the back of the yard, reappeared in the front. The toad hopped wildly into the hostas, as if pursued by a predator. The snake disappeared again. But where could it have gone? It didn’t cross to the hostas and it didn’t cross the sidewalk. This is one very crafty snake.

garter snake
toad on sidewalk1
toad closeup1
snake closeup

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