MSI Netbook Requiem

First things first. So I don’t have refrigeration, shower, or telephone in my new place yet (I figured out how to turn the gas on the stove last night) and what do I do? Return the netbook that was giving me so much grief. It wouldn’t click to open icons, it would cut but not paste, and every time I wanted to open a new page I had to do a CNTL ALT DEL sequence to release the last page. Not to mention not being able to use the spell check editor and seeing the Blue Screen Of Death three times.

blue screen of deathHow did I like the MSI netbook? Not. Okay, it was great for my camping trip. I could pull off the road and catch my email quite effortlessly from the rest stops, which are mostly equipped with WIFI these days, especially on the toll roads. But typing was a problem. Using the left shift key invariably triggered the caps lock above it, and the double quotation mark was positioned above the right shift key in a way to cause a sprain of the bird finger with repeated use.  I never was able to enable Arabic (no Service Pack 3)  and forget even trying to put on the utilites for my Canon camera and printer. The CD’s are worthless–no internal CD drive.

target receiptReturning the netbook was simple (thank you, Target). Just a matter of printing out a receipt (okay, I had to go to the library for that, since the netbook was too far gone to print) then returning the defective netbook to my local Target store for a refund to my credit card. Then a quick trip to BestBuy seconds before closing time for the last netbook in the place, a deep blue ten-inch Asus Eee (how do you pronounce that?) with a battery that’s supposed to last seven hours. Already I hate the mousepad, with its bumpy surface that makes the cursor stick, and have plugged in a laser mouse, but the rest of the EEeeee is just fine so far.

Now all I have to do is install all my favorite programs on the new netbook. The links to my favorite Firefox addons and Irfanview are here. I enabled Arabic with a few quick clicks–Windows XP Service Pack 3 is already on it.  The screen resolution took slightly longer and I had to reboot the system to get all the changes to take effect.  Now all I need is the Canon zoombrowser (Zoombrowser EX and the latest update from Canon for my specific camera) (and to resize the 10″ monitor resolution  so the file can be unzipped) and my printer utility.  And the spyware (Ad-aware and Spybot Search and Destroy) and antivirus (Bitdefender) (AVG) programs (woops, AVG has just added some very intrusive pop-ups that constantly demand you update the program and restart you computer–AVG is now uninstalled).

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