Breakfast without a fridge

Zait and zaatar is a favorite Jordanian breakfast. To make it you need pita bread, olive oil, and zaatar, and some sort of oven. Zaatar is a mixture of thyme (also called “zaatar”), sesame seeds, and sumack, a dark red powder with a salty, vaguely lemony taste.

In Jordan if you want nice fresh pita bread for just pennies, all you have to do is walk down the hill and get it. In Chicago that neighborhood is a good forty minutes away. Usually I keep a supply in the freezer, but the fridge here is waiting for a three-pronged outlet before it can get connected. So I will have my zaater with wheat bread, loaded with preservatives, from the little store over on our local main street.
zaater and zaitzaater closeupzaater toast

Oh, the lemons. Another thing that doesn’t require refrigeration. You can cut one in half and squeeze it over your tuna sandwich instead of mixing it with all that cholesterol-laden mayo.

In Jordan they use the same word “leeMOON” الليمون for both lemon and lime.

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