AT&T Red Light Blues

I’ve got those broadband internet AT&T red light blues.dsl blues2

July 2
I request telephone service changed to my new address. After 40 minutes on hold, someone takes the information and promises service in the new place by 8 p.m. The phone in the old place goes dead within hours.

July 3

I take everything to the new address and plug it in, but there is no internet. When I call AT&T, I find out I am calling from the same phone number as my landlord downstairs.

July 4
A cheerful young man climbs the telephone pole in the back alley. I call my phone number on my cell phone and my phone rings, but still no internet. For that, I will have to call during office hours.

July 5


July 6

Once again I call AT&T. Even though the phone has been disconnected at the old address, the internet is still connected there (!!??#@*!) They tell me I have to order internet changes separate from telephone changes. It will take one day to disconnect the internet and another day to connect it at the new address.

July 7

Oopsie, the internet still isn’t disconnected from the old address.  Um, call back tomorrow?

Bottom line–I will spend 6 7 8 10 days looking at this:
dsl blues screenshot
I wonder if I should have just gone with Comcast.


July 8

Orders says it has to to to provisioning.  Provisioning says it has to go to maintenance for an order.  Maintenance says it will be back on in 30-45 minute, or should call tech support.  Tech support says there is an order for the 10th, so I should talk to maintenance again, but somehow i get connected to status.  Status says I can talk to sales.  Sales says I can use dialup in the meantime, and she can get me the  number, but her phone starts to fade out and goes dead.  Maybe she needs a company that knows something about phones.


Here’s a thought.  For every day I have no service, they have to make an adjustment on my bill.  Can I pit one department of the phone company against another? Time to call billing and make sure they know I have no service and will need an adjustment on my bill–and that the date I’ m supposed to have the problem resolved keeps getting pushed ahead.

UPDATE:Yes, my internet is still down, thank you for asking…
dark modem1

Here’s a shout out to all my very special new friends at AT&T:
The lady at Retention Team whose name I didn’t write down, Selena, Ray Dawn (or was that the one person I talked to at Net10 who got that problem straightened out with one phone call), Ken, Houston who climbed my telephone pole, Pete, Philip, Shonda at provisioning (?), Val with DSL maintenance in St. Louis, Fabian at tech support, Cynthia in status, Stephanie at sales.

another UPDATE:

Day 10.
A very special hello to Meagan, Ron, and Rosa, my newest very special BFFs at AT&T.


Also: Sheila, my absolutely very very very BFF from AT&T. I have just found out that with a modem I don’t need a router.  Now why didn’t anyone from AT&T ever tell me that before?

UPDATE: My internet is back up. I also managed to replace a couple of outlets while it was daylight, and although it took longer than I thought it would, I now have microwave and refrigerator.

I will probably be able to blog in another day or two, but I’m thinking about whether I want to.


2 Responses to “AT&T Red Light Blues”

  1. helenk Says:

    I got so fed up with verzion that I changed to WILD BLUE it is the satellite internet that is used with DISH network tv.
    I works fine for me and I was supprised to see my telephone bill cut in half. I guess by not using their lines for internet you do no have to pay a fee.



    • Nijma Says:

      Here‘s the home page for Wild Blue.

      Our computer tech is recommending Verizon, although I heard their old cell phone service used to be evil. The problem is that Verizon costs twice as much as AT&T. Our mayor’s brother is highly placed in the the SBC hierarchy, and AT&T has a sweetheart deal here.

      Reminds me of the old Lily Tomlin SNL routine where the telephone operator says, “We can do whatever we want, because we’re the phone company” and starts ripping out cables.

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