Slug du jour

I may have moved, but I still take care of the yard at my old place in exchange for storage. When I moved in, it was just grass,  with a maple tree in the front yard.  Slowly over time I added borders from my mother’s gifts of plant divisions.   Now the place is a blooming with everything imaginable: hosta, daylily, morning glory (the purple variety “Grandpa Ott), and the purple color “red” basil that reseed themselves every year.   While I’m over there, I usually pick enough mint to tide me over until the next time the lawn needs attention. And once, yes, I very discretely brought my laundry.

Yesterday I finished mowing the lawn just before a sudden downpour.
I had just turned on the hose to water, when the sudden driving rain forced me indoors.

run for cover3

A classic example of cause and effect. Yes, I caused the rain by turning on that faucet, just as surely as if I had washed my car.

After the rain I checked the flowerpots, hoping to get a picture of some exotic designer snail worthy of a handbag design.  But no, the only slimy creature I could unearth was a small slug badly in need of a suntan.


And the toad.


I thought of trying to catch him to show his size next to my hand, but he hopped away.

toad with butt

When I planted the yard, I didn’t stop on my side of the fence.  The north side of the building was a mass of weeds and broken bricks which I cleaned out and replaced with daylilies I found in a dumpster.

neighbors yard

Oddly enough, the daylilies with the south (sunny) exposure (on the left side of the fence) have finished blooming, and now only have bare stalks where the flowers were, but the dayliies on the north (shady) side of the building are in full bloom.

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2 Responses to “Slug du jour”

  1. A. J. P. Crown Says:

    That’s an outstanding toad picture, Nij.

  2. Nijma Says:

    The toad only comes out when I have the camera. I wonder if it’s a bit vain.

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