Not battle ready

Viking women didn’t carry swords–a free woman carried a knife, used primarily for eating. But they did know how to use one, and in a pinch would borrow a brother’s sword and go galloping off for vengence.

axe1AYou may still be able to find Vikings at the SCA, and you can certainly still get a sword at one of their shindigs, and often axes too (the one shown is a “bearded” ax), but many reenactors will look for a sword that is not “battle ready”, that is, not sharpened.

There are many stories told of sword displays collapsing, or a sword accidentally falling, sometimes even near a child, and thank the gods, no one was hurt–because the swords weren’t battle ready.

And once the horns and the mead come out, and your posse starts fumbling and dropping things, you will be more than glad if they don’t have any sharp items on their persons.

As you can see, my sword is not battle ready, and never will be.

sword edge

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