Lumbar Stabilization

I can never find these exercises when I’m looking for them. They’re for lower back pain. I got the exercises back when I was working with hospice, moving people in and out of wheelchairs and beds, in order to keep working at the same job where I had been injured because I really, really needed that $5.25 an hour to pay tuition.

Now if I could find exercises that work for runner’s knee. They say if you do 3000-5000 reps of knee extensions with ankle weights you will start to see improvement, but after doing all those reps, I’ve seen only about 20% improvement. Also, that’s a lot of reps if you also plan on having a life.

The back exercises are (in groups of 10 repetitions):

1) lay on back with knees bent and tilt abdomen, pressing the small of the back into the mattress
2) same position, push torso straight up while keeping feet on the ground
3) this is really three different exercises, all from the same position as before. a) rotate pelvis from one side to the other while keeping feet on the ground. b) lift knee at a 90 degree angle and return to ground. c) or instead (for more weight) extend the leg straight up in the air each time.
4) same position, partial sit up with hands stretched to knees and shoulders off the the floor.
5) more advanced–on hands and knees, extend leg straight out and back, repeat with the other leg. Ultimately you want to be able to extend opposite arm and let straight out simultaneously, but I’ve never been able to do this one. Never mind, when it comes to getting rid of the back pain, the other exercises work just fine for me.

And here’s an odd note on one of the pages:

Piriformas stretch

  • on back
  • knees bent
  • bring foot up
  • pressure on knee to opposite shoulder (I think this means to press the knee diagonally)
  • stretches back of hip


Yikes! I forgot the best exercise of all, but I don’t have a picture of it.  I do have a mental picture of the immediate pain relief it gives. Instructions: lay on stomach with knees bent at 90 degree angle (feet straight up in the air). Lift leg straight up in the air from the hip–the knee raised off the bed as far as possible, for me about an inch).  You will feel the sore muscles in the lower back contract, then start to stretch out and relax. I’ll try to make a drawing of this later. If you only do one exercise, this is the one. (Of course, YMMV)

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