Today I went out for a walk with the idea of taking a picture of a snarling dog.  I don’t know where I got that image (although I was set upon by a dog pack– last week). All the dogs I met today were friendly, unusual for this city where they are kept for protection. One dog even let me pet it.

Then I found the windfall apples.  These apples don’t look like much but they are excellent for cooking.  Today I beat the squirrels to them,  but not the worms.  After I cut the wormholes out, there will be about a third of the apples left.  But it will be delicious–good for ice cream or oatmeal.

Reminds me of how my father taught me to eat green apples years ago.  You take a bite, then look at the apple.  If you see half a worm, you spit it out.


So now the real question is, what is going on in my life that I expect to see snarls and not windfalls? It seems like the world really is conspiring to shower me with happiness. Remind me to read this week’s

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